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How can I deal with negativity in social media?

Asked by Android67 (41points) October 18th, 2015

Hi I’m new here.. I’ve been making YoUTube videos and using Twitter but then I get dislikes, downvotes and feel upset.

But what if I enjoy what I’m doing, but other people hate it and dont think its funny? How do you deal?


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On the Internet, all press is good press.

If people hate you, that translates to views. Views, if you’re doing it right, translates to money.

Laugh your evil, maniacal laugh all the way to the bank.

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If you are getting positive reviews as well then don’t worry about it. You can’t please everybody so you may as well do what you like doing. If you want to please others the ask for specific feedback and see if there are any good suggestions. Don’t let others put you off doing something harmless that you enjoy though

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A negative statement says more about the person making it than it does about you. Take some deep breaths, and let it pass. Those people aren’t important in the long run.

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The above advice is good, also negative feedback can sometimes be useful in helping you improve.

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If you put it out there on the internet, you have to be willing to take what comes back. If you can’t, only share your babies with selected friends.

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Oh man, my dad was about to take away my phone and computer because of all the negativity on social media.

What I do though, is I surround myself with as many positive things as possible. I receive daily positivity texts. I follow positive blogs on Tumblr. I had positive things plastered all over my room. And I just have to repeat positive things to myself whenever I get down, like “I am loved”, “I am important”, “I am interesting”, etc. The more you repeat it the more you believe it.

It’s also important to take a break from social media and get outside and spend time with friends and family and people who love you. That helps a lot.

Just remember you’re important and loved!

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When my students fill in evaluations, 99.9% of them are positive. The one I really notice most times? The person who bagged me (probably because I gave them a low mark!). Read the feedback, but unless it’s constructive and you can (after some self-reflection) see the feedback has merit, ignore it. Some people just like to be nasty and negative. You’re enjoying producing the content. You’re getting good feedback too. So keep enjoying it. Take on board the criticism that will help you improve. Ignore the rest.

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well if you like making videos and expressing yourself don’t let others hold you back .

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Let me ask you, you enjoy what you do right? Then the hell with what others have to say to you it’s not like they know where you reside, it’s not like there going to show up at your doorstep. Do you get some people to down you for what you do. Your not doing it for them your doing it for yourself and for the enjoyment it brings you.

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I like what Seek said, it’s vital to believe in you and in what you are doing. The internet wasn’t created for some people only, but for everybody. So don’t worry, there are plenty of people interested in what you’re saying, just be sincere and people will appreciate it.

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