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If my tooth was loose, would I be in pain?

Asked by longgone (17902points) October 18th, 2015

I had the pleasure of falling flat onto my face today, thanks to a seven-year-old who decided to sit on my neck while I was kneeling. I smacked into the floor – my lip is a little cut up, but I’m fine in general.

I’m worried about one of my upper front teeth. There is no pain, but it feels a little loose. Am I imagining this, or should I see a dentist?

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If it’s loose, a dentist will tell you not to move it or mess with it and it will tighten up in about a week. Don’t wiggle it. Just leave it alone. I am sure it’s tempting to wiggle it but try not to.

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You should see a dentist. It could be loose but not affecting the nerve.

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If it’s loose that’s a danger sign and definitely should be evaluated by a dentist ASAP.

Yes, it’s possible that it will tighten up in a week or so but it’s equally possible that it will both. Only a dentist can tell you that after evaluation. There is really no way that you can tell independently whether it’s just minor damage or something worse. If you guess wrong you’ll be wishing later that you had let a dentist decide.

I had a situation once where two of my 3rd graders accidentally collided on the playground. One was slightly shorter than the other so we had teeth colliding with forehead.

Initially the focus was upon the kid whose forehead was bleeding. Afterward I checked out the child who had collided with him who was quietly resting at his desk.

I remembered from reading that loose teeth CAN signal a major problem and should be evaluated within 12–24 hrs. Absolutely no longer.

And sure enough, even tho it didn’t hurt to move them, his front teeth were loose. So I told the office to keep persisting until they reached one of his parents to come get him.

I told his mother to be absolutely certain that he get evaluated by a dentist.

Long story short, she took him to the ER and insisted that in addition to whatever else they do, he needed to be seen by a dentist. By that time it was getting pretty late in the day so the person who was in call was the head of the Pediatric Dental clinic affiliated with the hospital.

A few days later the kid comes back with a mouthful of metal and a grateful mother. These were his permanent teeth and had they not been immediately supported by the bracework (they weren’t finished until well into late evening) he almost certainly would have lost them.

So, better safe than sorry. Get it checked out by a dentist ASAP. Hopefully you’ll have better luck.

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Not necessarily pain. Yes I’d see dentist soon.

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Another voice echoing that looseness does not always cause pain. Been there, done that.

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It seems to me that the tooth may be able to be “splinted”.

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I would see a dentist to be on the safe side.

Don’t keep pushing on it to see if it’s loose. Teeth can tighten up. Just like when they are moved with braces, eventually they become firm in their new spot.

It doesn’t mean anything that you have no pain in my opinion.

I’d still get it checked. Don’t panic.

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I went to see my dentist, and all teeth are fine. He agreed with you, though, he said not to take any chances with my teeth. Thanks, all.

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^^ Yay!

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Good. I’m really glad it worked out well for you.

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^ Thanks. I was quite relieved.

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Yay!! Happy for you:)

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