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How does your iPhone Visual Voicemail work?

Asked by glosski (122points) July 17th, 2007

It took me a week to get my VISUAL Voicemail working; if you're having issues, don't bother with Apple because the issue isn't at their end -- call AT&T; and be sure that (1) your old voicemail account is closed and (2) your new voicemail is activated. If your phone can't connect to your voicemail, the box hasn't been opened and you'll need tech support at AT&T; to make that happen. If nobody can leave you a message because AT&T; can't find you, this is probably the issue. And don't let AT&T; tell you to go through the iTunes sync again and call back if it doesn't work; they're just trying to hook you up to someone else when you call back ;-)

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ya umm my visual voicemail is kinda buggy. Its always saying that it can't connect even when I have full reception. Its worked on a few occassions tho

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stupid AT&T; is messing up my finest creation

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My VV works fine, just as Apple advertised.

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LOL@stevejobs. I thought you were god though!? I guess even god can't end a binding contract ahaha

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no problems. My only gripe is when checking vmail I'm usually using bluetooth and the default setting is the iphone earpiece.

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it doesn't only been able to use regular voice mail

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call AT&T; and camp out on the phone - they need to turn your box on ... you're paying for it! i would be surprised if anybody can actually leave you a message; they disabled my mailbox the same night I activated my phone

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My works pretty good, there are sometimes when it is down, but that’s normally when i’m not in a data area.

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