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What is your favorite unusual way to use sriacha sauce?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) October 19th, 2015

I recently discovered sriacha sauce. I not only use it in stir frys, but as a marinade for chicken thighs (or breasts), and to add a dollop of heat to my chili.

I am wondering what ways you have used it that I could try. Is it good in eggs? What else?

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I really like the sriracha Caesar kale salad sold by Whole Foods.

The traditional cole slaw I get there is minimally flavored, so I add mayo and sriracha to flave it up.

To me, it’s a spicy but less taste-bud traumatizing version of Tabasco sauce.

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I use it anytime I want an extra “kick”. On anything and everything, if I feel like it.

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On spare ribs before I smoke them 5 hours or more.

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Oh god, it goes in almost every hot food we make. Eating some as we speak

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As a personal lubricant.

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Hmm, Jon, gives whole new meaning to hot tamale.

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I make my own vegetarian Asian-style tacos. I use Trader Joe’s Baked Organic Tofu, put those in Trader Joe’s Taco Shells with fresh basil, shredded carrots that I marinate overnight in rice vinegar and chopped garlic, then I drizzle my sauce over the top which is made from equal parts Sriracha and Vegenaise. I get rave reviews for these.

I also like to add it to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gives it a nice kick.

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Sometimes when I want to cook a quick meal and don’t have the time/energy for something more elaborate, I’ll make my “Spanish fried rice.” I’ll make a box of Spanish Rice (no beef) and then top it with a couple of eggs over easy. Sriracha is a nice way to spice it up.

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