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Do you feel like you have to add someone to "my fluther" because they added you to theirs?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) July 22nd, 2008

Even if you dont really like that person? Is there some fluther etiquette? I havent had this come up yet, but im wondering how everyone else feels about it.

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Anyone’s free to add me to their Fluther if they like, but I would only add them back if I liked their questions and answers.

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I agree with flyaway

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I went through the same qualms, ubn. I have not resolved it. I sometimes have and sometimes have not. Since we are in beta, I keep thinking of My Fluther as a work in progress subject to revision.

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I just discovered I’ve been added to several “my fluther…ers”(?) and was excited because I hadn’t noticed this feature before tonight. I think it’s a great idea, but I’m not yet clear on it’s purpose, since I’ll most likely be adding people with whom I interact already.

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Not if it’s some one who I have a grudge with.

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@Marina its public now.
@Poser its just so you can follow the questions asked by users that you like.

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I am so glad it’s finally public, although it seems to have been with a whimper rather than a bang unless I missed something.

OK, now I will have to rethink the whole thing!

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Yeah, I just noticed I got points for the people who’s fluthers I was already in when I joined, and I figured that meant it went public. At least there’s something to make people go “Wha…?” and discover they have a My Fluther now too. If any one has added them already, that is.

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I don’t mean to be a curmudgeon, but I don’t really get it. I’m happy with how it was before.

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Can’t say I’ve encountered this dilemma as yet – but then, I can’t really think of anyone I specifically would not want to have in “My Fluther”.

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Not to threadjack (well, actually…), but, do any of you hold back adding others because they haven’t added you? or are you happy to ‘take the first step’?

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I’m happy to take the first step. (Really, I’m just playing around with it. I don’t even know exactly how it works yet. So far I’m with kevbo. It’s not as though you can’t take ten minutes to look at all of the questions asked in the last 24 hours.)

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I feel pressure to do so, but I’m trying to resist.

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i don’t feel like that at all. if i don’t add someone to my fluther, it doesn’t mean i don’t like them or their answers, it means one of two things: i just keep forgetting to add them, or i want to see more GQ/GAs from them before I add them. I am not a fan of the whole high school clique thing the feature seems to bring about. When it comes down to a specific question/topic, i will agree with the person who’s opinion matches mine, not the person who happens to be in my fluther. And I have flagged quips from people in my fluther, and will continue to do so if I feel they do not contribute positively.

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I was surprised who added me. Oh the love. :P

Depending on the person, I based my decision on adding them from past experience with them.

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If I added some one to my fluther and they felt this way, though, I think I might want to know. Just a little pm to say “You know, I don’t really like you, and I don’t want you following all my questions, so… Yeah.”

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Good point Monsoon! Hadn’t thought if it, but yea, if someone doesn’t want me viewing or responding to their Q’s, I’d want to know.

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i agree monsoon and wildflower, if i add someone and they don’t want anything to do with me i would appreciate that person sending me a pm and i will gladly leave that person alone, especially if it is someone you have known for awhile and had no idea that they felt this way.

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I’ve added people who I either A.) “know” from elsewhere, so that I can find them or B.) have found to ask interesting questions or give interesting/fun answers.

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After I made my post above, I did PM anyone I had added that hadn’t added me, giving them a chance to let me know if they prefer I didn’t add them. I guess it could be seen as rude to keep “taps” on people without their permission.

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When I stepped on board I already “knew” people here and it feels comfortable to have them around me. What I understand, although maybe I’m wrong, is that the fluther contains people with shared interests and this helps focus the questions that are directed to me. If, for example, someone is asking and answering a lot of car questions I wouldn’t add him to my fluther. It would not be about him but about not wanting to be directed to car questions.

And if I put someone in my fluther who asks and answers history questions it doesn’t mean I agree with their point of view but that I wanted to see a lot of history questions. Do I have it right?

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I usually add people who share my point of view on at least one subject. We might not agree on everything, but life is a learning experience. I could be worng about something, it’s happened before. Usually I wait to add someone new, unless they ‘strike’ me as ‘sponge worthy’ Sorry, obscure Seinfeld reference.

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