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What are your thoughts on 2012?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) July 22nd, 2008

Will it be the end? Will it be a new beginning? Will anything even happen at all? What do you think?

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Its the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine.

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I think about as much will happen as did on Y2K. Nutin!!!

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Euro 2012 will take place in Poland and Ukraine.

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I think it won’t be super special. It’s not the turn of the century or anything, and I don’t believe the world will end anytime soon. I pretty much think that life will just progress as usual.

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I hope it the year that The History Channel stops showing that damn show about 2012 being the end according to the Mayan calendar.

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I agree with jp!!
I think that the Mayans were an intelligent civilization, but though they’ve been correct in the past, I don’t see any reason why the world will end in 2012, or anytime soon for that matter.

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See you in 2013!

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I think we’re supposed to have an enlightenment of consciousness, not physical death. Both are ok with me.

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Was 2000 really that different? Oh wait… it was the beginning of the end… I mean the beginning of Bush’s term…

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The Mayans just needed a place to end the calendar, and they though 13 was a holy number of some sort, so that is where they ended it. Marina is dead on.

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I recommemed a book titled 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl. It shares a theory that 2012 won’t be the end of the world in a literal sense, but more of an awakening to the people in power of our world. Sure it’s possible that a massive war may occur, and many will die. But it’ll be more like hey we’re all killing eachother, and destroying our planet. This has got to stop. The Mayans were much more than an intelligent civilization. They were advanced in many fields. Who knows where’d we be, if we hadn’t found out the discoveries and advancements they made in astronomy, agriculture, mathematics, and forms of physics.

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There’s too much sh!t going on in this world for something radical or unimaginable not to happen in or around 2012. I’m sure a large part of it will have to do with our country. Though I love my country, the people that run it are scandalous. Especially the ones behind the curtains.

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My boyfriends convinced somethings going to happen December 12th, 2012. I think it’s all bs. I agree with Stevenb, ittl be the same as that Y2K bologna. During Y2K
My aunt frantically shopped for canned goods and supplies because she really thought the world was going to come to an end.

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y2k was some bs created by American companies, so you’ld go out and buy their goods in bulk. 2012 was predicted by some credible people. Most if not all of the Mayan’s predictions came true. Some experts even say that Michel de Nostredame aka “Nostradamus”, corrected his prediction of the end of the world from

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1999 to 2012.

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GA to TheHaight for spelling “bologna” that way.

End of the world? What are ya gonna do if it’s true? Be nice to your family. Play some tennis. Have a bottle of Squirt.
Don’t worry, be happy.

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If the whole y2k thing was even possible, wouldn’t people who had $2,000 in their bank accounts had lost their money or crashed the banks computer systems?

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It’s not meant in a literal sense. The world isn’t going to explode, or dry up, nor are we all gonna kill eachother. Once again I recommend the book: 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl.

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It’ll be an awakening to the people in power. The ones that decide how the world is ran.

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I think it’ll be an interesting year for the Olympics

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I’m sure the olympics will be as interesting as they are every four years.

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It’s just not every four years that the logo looks like Lisa Simpson…...erm…..doing….erm, slightly out of character….things

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Right. I totally agree.

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susanc: how Is it great answer.. That is how you spell bologna! :)

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Well theres the whole ‘Myth’ around the Magnetic Poles reversing leaving us open to cosmic radiation etc and the planet frying. (Magnetic Field protects us from such nasties)

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O.k. let’s wait and see what happens. Until that day, we should live our lifes as if tomorrow will never come because actually, you never know if you are coming back home at the end of the day… just smile and love your significant others, and let them know that you do love them :)

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My thoughts on 2012 – one more year till i will be a Doctor. YAY! yes, i am very self centered

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@TheHaight yea that would be right if you were referring to actual bologna instead of saying its baloney =P

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oh baloney! I never really thought about it that way. Plus I love spelling bologna. :p

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I think it shouldn’t be taken literally.
something will end, yes.
but the world? oh come on!
maybe a single civilization or the depression.
but in no way…a whole planet?
we’ve lasted hundreds of thousands of years. why stop now?
until then. let’s live, love and have every day become your last.

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I think the race of Reptillian Aliens that runs the planet will no longer be able to maintain their shape-shifting abilities amidst the rupturing of the fabric of space-time, revealing their true identities to us meek humans, allowing us to finally unify under a common urgency to survive.

It will be obvious that the projected situation of climate catastrophe, political instability, manufactered scarcity, is merely an agricultural technique of the Reptillians, who drink human blood to obtain a hormone which is secreted during the experience of terror, for use as a nutrient.

We will defeat the Reptillians by visualizing a return to an eden like, garden planet where a giant Phoenix flies high in the atmosphere distributing seeds of various magical plants and vegetables. We will all sit in seperate rooms, no two individuals in the same room, and we will all simultaneously invoke the image of the NeoEden mentally, and hold it still in our minds.

After the last person on the planet firmly locks there third pineal eye onto this vista of possibility, the phoenix will emerge from the nearest black hole, gaining speed as it streaks through the cosmos toward earth, on its divine mission of purification. Trailing feathers of flame, infinitely long, flare in intensity, still tethered like an abysmal root to the void, as the fire bird gains in size. The sky becomes filled with an unyielding orange brilliance as the phoenix grows exponentially larger, seemingly in co ordinance with the special theory of relativity.

In an instance, the phoenix engulfs the planet. Unimaginable heat scalds the surface, as the entire planet is suspended in agony so visceral, all memory is incinerated. Time appears to stop, as the phoenix begins to contract, the earth still in its clutches. Like a rubberband, the jagged, flickering threads of fire snap back at the critical point, pulling our space ship inevitably closer towards the singularity.

As we cross over the event horizon, we look back, and to our suprise the rest of the universe is following us. Speed goes beyond infinity, density approaches that of stars, and then surpasses it. Atomic chemistry vanishes as electrons melt.

Space itself vibrates as pyroclastic flows of being are spit out in silk strings as if from an ethereal cotton candy machine, cooling as they distance themselves from the chaos, condensing as the Terra of Seraphim from the ether. Rain clouds of intentionality become pregnant with possibility, bursting open until torrents flood upward into the sky, boiling in the gamma rays of high atmosphere until a prism of charged gas is held like a magnifying glass above this new theater on the day of its grand opening.

As light shines from the heavens, through this prism, immutable white light vivisects the darkness of void into slivers so fine, nothing gets confused and becomes everything. Information becomes currency and commodity, food grows out of the ground for free, children teach their parents how to live, the sky is television, apartment complexes appear spontaneously in the hollowed out sides of mountains, and we forget that reptiles ever had anything to do with our daily decision making.

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For some it will be the end but for most of us it will go on.

@marina- I will bring the champagne.

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The world’ shortest piece of fiction describes what will happen exactly in 2012. “The last human on earth sat alone in a locked room. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.”

Eerie, hunh?! :-)

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My Euro 2012 Predictions is on Germany or Italy….

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