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Does America still want a missile defense sheild?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) October 20th, 2015

Could the Canadians agree to have it in the north in exchange , or trade, for green lighting the Keystone XL oil pipeline?

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Of course. The second question sounds like blackmail.

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I want one for my apartment. Can it block noise from the street?

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With Trudeau elected PM he has been quoted as saying pipelines are a safer way of transporting oil. But the US Congress has to get behind the project first.

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I know of several churches that are putting protective covers on their prayerbooks to keep them for being damaged or soiled.

Those are called missal shields.

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Are you talking about Reagan’s Star Wars missile defense system?

That was a ruse to spend Russia into bankruptcy, and it worked.

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@ibstubro No. It is for a ground middle defence in the Canadian artic to protect from north Korea and Russia

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Oh. Then the US has the Canadian Buffer Zone against Russian missiles?
Does N.Korea have to go up an over to get to the US?

I think Keystone is on the backburner? Crappy oil at crappy rates with a contentious pipeline?

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No, but if you will take all these Meskins from us, maybe we can talk.

Oh, and the pipeline will need to run along the border to act as a fence to keep both of y’all out!

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