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Is youth wasted on the young?

Asked by msh (4262points) October 20th, 2015 from iPhone

Regardless of your age, the old…er….make that – well used adage
“Youth is wasted on the young” means something to everyone. (OK, from two days after birth, onwards.)
How does this saying apply to you, in your life?

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They just seem to have endless energy, that seems to be wasted,if I had that kind of energy I would have 3 jobs.

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The wisdom to experience life in the most economical and holistically beneficial way is directly proportional to your age. Yes.

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It means that by the time we become wise our form is fading.
What we lose in form we gain in wisdom.
Now, if I had the wisdom of my almost 56 years and my 24 year old body, man…..I’d be so hot you couldn’t touch me.

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Everything is wasted on the young. We should keep them wrapped in a cocoon and feed them sugarwater until they are 21.

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Though it is the natural course of events, unforunately this is more than correct.

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Nah. Most of the people I know and I wouldn’t have survived our youth if we hadn’t been young.

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That question can only come from an old fogey.

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No, that’s something uttered only by miserable old goats.

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It is unjaded innocence and impulsiveness that makes youth so carefree and joyful.

Older, wiser people would ruin youth by questioning it, second-guessing, and getting angry when things go wrong.

Youth would be wasted on the wise.

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^^ ^^^
Ahhh, such is the stuff upon which the saying is based.
Obstreperous minds, or youth?
Ooch, has to be youth…
The other font be empty.

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I’m an “old” millenial. My generation entered the worst job market since the Great Depression, with the highest tuition costs ever, and probably won’t have any social security. Youth is the only thing we have left! :(

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^ Hear, here!

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@Seek My thoughts exactly. Youth definitely would be wasted on the wise, they’d have forgotten how to enjoy it.

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