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How does it make you feel when some one gets the joke, but doesn't get the joke?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42454points) October 21st, 2015

My 16 year old grandson came by the other day. I was excited because he doesn’t come by very often.

However, he was there only to pick up some money a friend of his mom’s had left with me.

I had to get a picture of him to log the visit. All the posing in it was his idea because he’s a goof.

So, on FB I said, “My 16 year old grandson came by to visit! He never comes by! And this is all it took!” and I posted this picture.

Well, one of my cousins, who I don’t really know very well, said, “Well, I’d come visit you too if you gave me money.”

This left me a little befuddled. That was the joke. But there was no exclamation mark or smiley face, or anything, to give me a hint that she actually got the joke, so I wondered what she was thinking.

I used to have a co-worker who felt the need to prove she was smarter than anyone else. That’s the kind of thing she would have said, as if to suggest that she saw a twist that no one else, not even the person who posted the comment, saw.

But I don’t know my cousin well enough to know if that’s what she was thinking, or what.

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I gave up, a long time ago, trying to read peoples’ minds. I have a hard enough time keeping my own mind straight.

So to address your question (and to paraphrase Rhett Butler) – Frankly, I don’t give a damn!

If someone else misunderstands (deliberately or not) what I wrote, well, that’s not really my problem. I don’t waste time thinking about how bollixed up someone else’s mind might be.

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Yes, I’m so worried about it I just can’t sleep @elbanditoroso. I’ve lost all desire to eat and all I want to do is sit around and watch Judge Judy. That’s how stressed out the exchange made me.

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Why not assume the best if you don’t know her that well? There’s a lot to be said for deadpan humor.

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I’d just answer, “That’s okay, I get enough visitors without having to bribe them. You’re welcome to Chopped and Wine night though. Bring wine.”

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OK. I’ll assume the best. Not that I was assuming the worst to begin with, @canidmajor. Just one of those things that make you go , “Hmmm.” So I thought I’d share it.

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But saying ” “That’s okay, I get enough visitors without having to bribe them. You’re welcome to Chopped and Wine night though. Bring wine.”” would ruin the joke. I mean, the post, in conjunction with the picture implied that I did have to bribe my kids (with $150 no less, which is ridiculous by itself!) to come see me.

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Yes, but the joke was already ruined by the person who felt they had to explain it.

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That’s like someone answering the “Orange you glad I didn’t say ‘banana?’ ” joke with “OH! ITS FUNNY BECAUSE ORANGE IS A FRUIT AND BANANA IS A FRUIT TOO!!!1!!ONE!”

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My guess is that the cousin understood what was going on and was just making a joke.

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