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Do you think it accurate that it's too late in the race for Joe Biden to mount a successful bid for the Presidency?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) October 21st, 2015

There’s only been one Democratic debate, and he was invited to participate.

I think he was likely keeping his hat in the ring in case Hillary tanked at the debate. She didn’t. He opted out.

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It makes no sense for Joe Biden to run. We already have a horrible, corporate candidate (Clinton) that the Democratic party and corporate media have decided will be the candidate. People under 50 will stay home this election, and the Republicans will win. This is over. Biden wouldn’t have changed that one bit.

Of course, if the Democratic party wants a future, it had better reconsider what it’s doing to Sanders. It is teaching an entire generation that the Democratic party is irrelevant and shitty, and that the entire process is not worth participating in. Enjoy the votes from conservative “Democrats”. These people are going to die soon, and you’ll be left with a generation that has outgrown you.

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The election is more than a year away. Not to say that the system isn’t nutty, but how could it be that nutty? The possibility of a Democratic candidacy ought to persist right up until the time of the Democratic convention.

However, politics has never been about what ought to be, has it?

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It’s too late in the sense that he has now said definitively that he will not run. Would it have been too late if he had declared today that he would run? I don’t think so at all. I mean, the media would have been very happy to have him run, otherwise they would not have forced his poll numbers on us all this time, despite his not even being in the race. They would have covered the hell out of his run.

But I still think the media has its head up its ass about the Democratic race. They’re still refusing to cover Sanders as if he is a real candidate, and I think he’s going to win the primary. It doesn’t matter a damn what the media wants. People are showing up for his speeches in droves, and he’s all over social media.

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I don’t think it’s too late, but he already declared he won’t be running.

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I came across this analysis saying that Biden made the right call in deciding not to run, partly because it was too late and partly because Biden’s political position does not put him in a favorable position relating to Clinton and Sanders.

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If, say, Hillary folds faster than Superman on laundry day while she testifies before the Bengazi committee, Joe would be able to pick up her super delegates and campaign staff and associates pretty quick, which was one of the higher hurdles he would face.
But it ain’t gonna happen.

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“too late” was the excuse he used. Fact is, he had no chance of winning, and he knew it. Saying it was “too late” was more face-saving than “I don’t have a chance’.

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He didn’t want to. He lost his composure at a press conference after his son died. Broke into tears. Life has taken enough from this man while he has served. I think he deserves retirement. Nothing shameful about it.

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Yes. Too late and not necessary.

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I would have liked to vote for Joe. His known shortcomings notwithstanding, I’d have felt better about doing that, and maybe even enthusiastic, than I expect to about the probable options now.

But I don’t expect ever again to feel the enthusiasm about a candidate that I felt in 2008.

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Was your enthusiasm in 2008 born out, or rewarded, @Jeruba

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@ibstubro, I often find myself hoping for more than I can have. At least I can say that in my older years I’ve learned not to convert hope into expectation.

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I just saw this on NPR – Biden had 384 days, almost a month more than Ronald Reagan’s 357 against a sitting president.


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@ibstubro. That is wildly inaccurate. Running for President requires more than time to campaign. It also requires you to line up campaign offices, get campaign workers and advisers, get the paperwork for each state done, and acquire contributors. Reagan had been running for President since he lost to Ford in 1976. He was prepared.

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It’s not like Biden lacked resources, experience or name recognition, @filmfann. About all it took for Trump to rise to the top of the Republican ranks was to announce.

I think he waited for the first Democratic debate to see how Hillary did. If she’d tanked, he’d be in.

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