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How much money do you make serving on jury duty?

Asked by aaronou (735points) July 22nd, 2008

My g/f and I were discussing this and were wondering what might be the typical amount that someone may make serving on jury duty. I mean, suppose someone was serving jury duty for a year or more, such as in a murder trial or something of that sort, would they make enough to support themselves?

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here in California i think its $15 a day

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Yup. $15 in California. plus like less than a dollar for mile of driving you have to do I think.

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$15 a day! That’s horrible. I easily spend more than that a day paying for expenses.

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Don’t quit your day job. Here the one court house is 20 miles away so gas cost more than the daily stipend.

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US$15 a day? Here you get (something like…) AU$40 a day for the first week or so and then AU$75 for every day after that. Apparently other states pay more.

Don’t most employers give you the difference between your normal wage and the money you get from jury duty, anyway?

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@johno, no. Very few employers due, and usually only government agencies. The only person i know who has this benefit is a person who works for PG&E.

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state farm will pay for time off during jury duty but you have to give them the $15 for each day missed. That’s what I hear anyway.

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It varies from state to state and even city to city in some states.
Its 10 dollars a day in my town.
Where i work you get you regular hourly wages for up to 5 days of jury duty

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