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How many fortunes are in the cookies?

Asked by extolsmith (440points) July 17th, 2007 from iPhone

It seem, no one ever receives the same fortune. So how many different fortunes are printed?

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omg this is sooooooo weird! I was about to ask: "has anyone sued over a fortune cookie's fortune"

LOL. Im eating panda express

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Generally there is one per cookie :D

Haha I think that depends on which company you're referring to and how you classify a fortune. Does every scrap of paper in a cookie count as a fortune, or just the fortune-like ones? I.e Does "Wisdom is like a well tended flower" count? or only things that are like "You will find happiness tomorrow" ? Lol

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I had a work lunch and received a fortune cookie that said "You will be singled out for promotion today," returned to work, and within an hour was promoted. Too bad the fortune cookie didn't say "And after busting your butt for four years they will dump you to give the job to the owner's slacker son."

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sue the fortune cookie lol

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1.) there are several different companies that make fortune cookies

2.) at panda express, i have had the same fortune 3 times.

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well we got a box of all the same fortune once…

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