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Would you share your favourite pea soup recipe?

Asked by _Seek_ (2887points) October 23rd, 2015

I’m not looking for someone to Google a recipe for me – knowing how the interwebs works, I could do that myself.

I want a tried, tested, and true recipe that I can bounce off of. I haven’t had homemade pea soup since my grandfather passed on, and I rather miss it.

I wouldn’t even bother saying that, but every time I ask on that other F site for recipes people just send me links to Google searches…

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This may not be what you’re looking for, because I like my peas mashed up. It’s good, though.

Let a spoonful of oil heat up in a saucepan. Add as many diced onions as you can tolerate.

Cook on low heat until they become translucent. Then, add your peas. They can be frozen or fresh.

Being an organized chef, you have prepared some chicken or vegetable broth beforehand. Use this to cover your peas with.

Let those peas simmer until they’re done, then add sour cream and/or butter to taste.

Mash everything up to turn it into a delicious green goo.

Eat with slices of wholemeal bread which have been covered with mustard and cheese (before being stuck in the oven for fifteen minutes).

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No recipe, but pea soup over here refers to extreme fog, as in…“eeh, it’s like pea soup out there”
Rather pointless info, but there you go.

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Haha, we have pea soup fog in America, too. Well, not so much in Florida – but in the Northeast it happened a lot.

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For me, pea soup means pea and ham soup. Made incredibly simply by boiling a smoked bacon hock and some green split peas until the split peas have completely broken down and the bacon comes away easily from the bone. Add pepper if you like but don’t add any salt until you have tasted the end result, the smoky bacon is most likely salty enough. I’ve included links in case these products are named differently in the US.

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I didn’t have any ham, but I did have about ¾ lb of pork neckbones.

I ended up searing those, drained, chopped, set aside. Boiled the peas with some water, let that simmer for a while, added the meat back in, simmered some more, added a finely chopped onion, 3 celery stalks, two big carrots (thinly sliced), and a bit of rosemary, then put it on a slow simmer for about a gagillion years.

We ate it with my knockoff version of Cheddar Bay Biscuits (because bland-ish soup deserves really savory bread).

A satisfying meal, overall. Not quite like Pop-Pop’s, but it didn’t suck.

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