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Were people in 1955 as excited about Back to the Future Day as we were in 2015?

Asked by _Seek_ (2887points) October 23rd, 2015

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…Really! I remember people talking about it, even though I wasn’t born until 1958.

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I fear for the future of our species.

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Um, I smell a troll. Nobody could possibly be that fucking stupid.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me : “How babby formed?”

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@Hawaii_Jake – I’m increasingly questioning whether we deserve a future.

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That’s a bit too personal to post here, @Seek.

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A teacher once said to me she liked my new pair of trousers & asked when I got them, I replied in a loud steady voice, without a hint of irony…“my mam got them for me tomorrow”
Bless, I was only 5 & therefore excused from all crass bullshit.

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@Hawaii_Jake I had to Google that. Dayum.

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They vote and breed also.
Bless their pointy little heads.

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OH. Dear. God. Borrowing this for that book of faces.

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And people wonder why Donald Trump is doing so well…

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