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Are you an interesting, exciting person living a boring, unimpressive life?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) October 25th, 2015

A conversation with a Brother brought my mind back to this question. When I think of it, I squeezed a lot into this half century and change I have been stuck on this planet. Most people, if they really thought of it, would find they have done a lot of things. People often don’t recall all the things because many were routine, or in some way uneventful. Like undiscovered talent, are you an exciting and interesting person but circumstances left you living in a bland, beige, uneventful life as seen by the general masses? Even if you have not climbed mountains, raced motorcycles, walked in space, etc. do you see your life as being exciting and eventful?

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Um, yes? I suppose in my own mind anyway.

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I, personally, find myself endlessly fascinating, but yeah, my life is pretty boring overall. Best laid plans of mice and men, I suppose.

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I had a pretty eventful childhood (and not in a good way), but lead a pretty bland adult life. I’m okay with that. Mostly.

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No, and what a depressing thought it would be = to think of myself as exciting and then constantly frustrated at the lack of excitement and recognition. I would find that to put me in a feeling of inferiority and dissatisfaction – which could lead to various mental illness and inferiorities.

I would much rather see myself as an average person with average interests, who deals with the cards he is dealt with equanimity and good humor.

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More likely I’m a boring unimpressive person leading a rather dull but somewhat interesting (for me) life.

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I’m bright and funny and can be endlessly entertaining but I choose a peaceful lifestyle. I am one of those types that when I’m on I’m really on but when I’m off, leave me the hell alone. I’d say my life has been and remains pretty low key but I’m a cerebral island unto myself.
Hence my self description of the extroverted hermit. lol
Hey, life in the hills with a bunch of animals and abundant wildlife is never boring.

Hearing rattlesnakes killing rats under the porch during the night is pretty exciting. haha

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I’m fairly uninteresting to most people when you first meet me. But those that get to know me see another side of me. My life on the surface is ordinary but I think I make it extraordinary.

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I can’t really be separated from the life I lead, my private thoughts and dreams are of little use to others. I am quite content with my life just now it is a good mix of dull routine and exciting adventure.

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It depends on who you talk to about me. Some of my relatives and friends from where I grew up think my life is exciting just due to the fact I don’t live in the country I was born in. But for me, my day to day is quite restrictive to what I used to do, in my 20’s and 30’s, again, living in a different country quite far away and different from the one I was born in. I feel boring most days and rather crushed in my spirit. I always tell people, be careful what you wish for. Be careful who you envy. It’s hardly ever how it looks from the outside.

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I’m boring and so is my life, hut that’s how I like it. Surprises and adventure be damned. unless it’s in video games and books

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^ Oh, really? I bet you would be quite interesting in a French maid outfit (the mini version) greasing mannequins disguised as zombies dotted through the forest with an ARX-160 and 1,000 rounds in clips. Since it is the forest the 4in heels would be swapped out for some sexy combat boots.

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if given the chance and resources I probably would do that.

I once saw a video on YT where this guy built like 100 snowmen, then went out in the snow, shirtless, and with a sword, and chopped up all the snowmen. I’d do that too. but not shirtless

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Hey, so exciting, I just checked the new electrocuting rat traps, no fried rats yet. lol

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I’ve just spent an hour watching my daughter swim up and down a pool

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