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Which Physique is Better, Right or Left?

Asked by Livingtitan (20points) October 26th, 2015
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Right without a doubt!

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I’m not attracted to either.

Oh wait, I’m not attracted to anyone on first sight.

Ah well.

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Doesn’t it vary between individuals?

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Left, on the right.
Anything would be better than the wide body on the right.
Plus, why the attitude? Most photos are viewed out of context. Why not smile and make the best of it?

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Better than what? The couple on the left would not survive during a prolonged food shortage. The guy in the right has a much higher likelihood of survival.

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Maybe the rude gesture makes the guy on the right look worse.

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My right nipple is better than my left, more defined when tickled.

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Neither are especially appealing to me.

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I’ll side with the guy in the background who seems to be thinking “Sigh. Look at these two twats”.

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The left, of course. We instinctively see two healthy people who can physically contribute to the good of the whole.
The guy on the right wouldn’t stand a chance, and he’d be using up more than his fair share of resources without contributing to those resources.

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The one on the left, and I apologize for my rude behavior to the photographer in the one on the right. ;-p

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The right, because we already discussed the left will have more cancers.

Dutchess_III's avatar

What @zenvelo? Why would they people on the right have more cancers?! LOL!

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Left. Aesthetics reflect function. The guy on the left obviously cares for his body, and appears happy and healthy. The guy on the right is unhealthily overweight. That makes him ugly.

The guy on the left may have a slightly increased risk of skin cancer, but the guy on the right is more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, depression, bowel cancer, kidney cancer, and liver cancer.

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What? Of course a fat, hairy mouth breather with his middle finger front and centre is more attractive than a healthy, smiling young couple.

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Not true
The fat hairy mouth breather is a pig. The finger affirms it.

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She was being sarcastic @josie.

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@josie did you think I was serious?

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