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What would be a good way to find pen-pals of all types for my child?

Asked by Seek (34769points) October 27th, 2015

My 7 year old is a perfectionist. As such, he dreads his writing practice because he’s not yet flawless at spelling and penmanship.

No lie, I didn’t know he could read until he was able to make it through an entire Dr. Seuss book. He just wouldn’t demonstrate his ability until he felt like he was good enough!

However, he is tickled to death to get emails (remember checking the mail when you were a kid?), and jumps at the chance to answer them. Yay, practice!

Other kids to talk to would be fine, but I’m also interested in getting in touch with adults who work in various fields, to talk with him about what they do. Email career day, if you will. I’m particularly interested in talking to people in STEM fields, as he’s got a deep love for math and astronomy.

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Getting him a Fluther account would be effective. I’d happily answer his posts, and I’m betting most jellies would. You did say he is thirteen, no?

Otherwise, you could send letters or e-mails to any authors of non-fiction books he likes. The element of surprise at being contacted by a seven-year-old may make them respond.

I have just the kid for you, but his English is not yet evolved. Otherwise, he would be a great pen pal – he’s ten, a perfectionist himself, and your descriptions of E have always reminded me of that boy. When he was three, my mum was watching him. Commenting on a noise outside, she said, “Listen, it’s a tractor!” He responded, “Or an hydraulic excavator?”

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I have an 9 year old girl who would like a pen pal!

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I know a guy. :)

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Looks like you have a few good offers here already.

I googled and found this site that suggests many penpal sites. I checked out a few and they look good. Some you have to
pay to use the site, but it looks like the majority are free. I saw 10, I had to “expand” the article or you move into the next group of ads and articles.

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What has he learned about in math?

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He’s taking a 3rd grade math course now. Up to multiplication and division, proper fractions (not decimals or negative numbers yet), bar graphs, line plots, stuff like that.

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I have no idea, but it’s wonderful that you’re doing this! You sound like an amazing parent. :)

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She is. And he’s an amazing kid!

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I’m teaching math lessons to third graders right now. The last lesson I taught was on the distributive property. Next up is estimating tens. If he wants to know any further knowledge about what he’s learning (or if he needs help with something), he’s free to ask me and I’d love to talk about it. But unfortunately I don’t have any cool mathy career to talk about.

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Um, that sounds like the DEFINITION of a cool math-y career. I’m PMing you (and the rest of you!) his email address. ^_^

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My daughter is 8. She’ll do regular letters (I just asked her). She doesn’t know how to send email but she would be willing to learn. So if you want to do either regular letters or email, pm me your address and/or email address and it’s a go.

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school teachers have classes send letter worldwide on this site. It is geared for children of all ages.

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