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Do you ever feel like you're in a commercial?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42453points) October 28th, 2015

For the most part I dismiss commercials. They’re just a lot of hype and BS to me.

The one where company has arrived and the hosts just realized that there is a film covering the glasses when they’re finished washing in the dish washer…. Ahhhh FREAK OUT!! ....

Except that recently I’ve been battling this very situation. I hate spending money. If I can get what I want as a knock off or generic I will. I have always bought inexpensive dishwasher soap from Dollar General. It has always worked fine for me.
Well, then one day I bought cheapo dishwasher soap from Walmart….and now there is this nasty film on all of my glasses. I’ve tried running it through 4 full cycles with nothing but water to get a super rinse on, but nothing seems to be making a dent.

I’ll get it figured out (#1, ditch that particular soap) but I hate this feeling like the commercial is pointing its finger and laughing at me!

You ever find yourself in a commercial-like situation?

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There are very few things I brand-nerd about. Most things the cost difference isn’t worth it.

HOWEVER – my dishes are a big deal. Dawn Power Clean for hand washing. Finish Quantum pods for the dishwasher (when I had one).

I hate. hate. hate. having to re-wash dishes before I eat something.

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Well, I’m trying a cheapo jell pack as we speak.

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Have you tried one of those rinsing agents?

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Is this a new problem, or a long standing one? What is the water quality like in your area?

I lived for years in a town with poor water quality. The mineral content was so high, it was hard to see through a glass of water. Even the finest restaurants in town had foggy glasses. When I moved away, I donated all my glasses to the Salvation Army.

And I second @stanleybmanly‘s suggestion of a rinsing agent.

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It’s a new problem, started when I changed detergents.

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If the remedy involves merely reverting to your former detergent, count yourself lucky.

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I’m starting to get the feeling that the remedy is going to revert to my former method of washing dishes. By hand.

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