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Is this thing fixed yet?

Asked by Kardamom (32975points) October 28th, 2015

I’ve been having trouble with Fluther for the last two weeks. I normally use Chrome as my browser, but as a test, I’m reluctantly going back to Internet Explorer to see if that solves any of the problems.

Back in Chrome, as of two weeks ago, I have been unable to ask a question on Fluther because after I type in the Q, when I try to push the “continue” button, everything just stops.

Also, whenever I try to give someone a GA, it does that, but it immediately bumps me back up to the very beginning of the page/thread/question, instead of staying at the same place further down the thread where I was applying the GA. The same thing happens when I post an answer. As soon as I post the answer, I’m bumped back up to the top of the page/thread/question.

I’ve emptied my cache multiple times, I’ve restarted my computer multiple times, I’ve logged off and logged back into Fluther multiple times. Nothing seems to have fixed the problem.

Now I’m working in my old Internet Explorer (which I kept on my computer just in case Chrome ever had a problem) but I’ve been advised not to use IE for a variety of reasons.

Can any of you computer experts give me any advice on what I should do next?

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So it appears that I am able to ask a question in IE. So does that suggest that there is some issue with Chrome? Any ideas?

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Using Chrome here with no problems. The only problem I have with Fluther at the moment is that “Just for You” doesn’t work.

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^ Ditto on what @janbb said, no Chrome problems here.

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I’m also using Chrome with no problem. Sorry we can’t be more help. I’d have suggested clearing your cache, but you’ve done that.

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I use Firefox and haven’t had any issues. I’m going to take the Chrome users above at their word that it’s not a Chrome issue either. And it isn’t a glitch in your system overall since Internet Exploiter…Exploder…Explorer seems to work well enough.

By process of elimination, the culprit is your particular installation of Chrome. Flushing the cache is always a good “Try this first…” thing, but it doesn’t always work.

One thing that I have had issues with on occasion is browser extensions/plugins causing various sorts of “interesting” problems. You may have installed some problematic add-ons without even knowing it. For instance, my boss’ wife used to have computer issues all the time but adamantly refused to stop installing “shopping assistant” toolbars in IE, and wouldn’t try Firefox because she thought it accessed a whole different internet than the one she saw in IE.

Even those that don’t go out there deliberately collecting crapware are not immune unless they are vigilant. Like when I went to update my Java, I had to uncheck a couple boxes to prevent the updater from doing bad things; one wanted to change my home page and default search engine while another wanted to install a toolbar. Some people just click right on through and wind up running into problems that way.

The problems I run into tend to be with the plugins that I knowingly and deliberately install, which makes it a little easier to troubleshoot just by remembering what I added just before my problems started.

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Sometimes the problems are deep enough to require uninstalling and reinstalling; a process that occasionally does things like wipe bookmarks. As usual when I do something know to be fickle I back up what is at risk; for a browser re-install, that’d be your bookmarks mostly. Chrome is pretty good about syncing bookmarks to your Google account rather than just one particular install of Chrome, so it’s possible that it’s a non-issue in your case, but I don’t know if you have that set up so I’m mentioning it just in case.

However it is that you save a copy of your bookmarks, after that we’re taking a trip to Control Panel—> Programs and Features to uninstall Chrome, then going to Google for a fresh copy of the latest version of Chrome. If a clean install of Chrome doesn’t fix the issue, then it’s probably best to just forget Chrome; I find that anything that nuking from orbit and starting from scratch doesn’t take care of is more hassle than it’s worth to deal with.

One alternative is to do what I do and install Firefox. It’s not quite as quick or user-friendly as Chrome; it’s like an old pickup truck that way. Whenever I did a fresh install of Firefox, it asked if I wanted to import my bookmarks and stuff from another browser, so it’s simple to switch over. I’ve used Firefox for… longer than it has actually existed really (I started with Mozilla Application Suite, then the browser split off into a standalone called Phoenix, which became Firebird before finally being called Firefox back in ‘04) so I’m used to it’s quirks, and the newer versions have a UI that is more similar to Chrome than older versions. Firefox is not for everyone, but it’s still worth a try.

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using firefox. no problems.

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I use Firefox and I have a number of filters active, and none of my sites are permanently enabled.

If I try to use Fluther without enabling it, I have the same things happen that are happening with your Chrome. Bumps me to the top of the page when I GA or A.
When I hit “Allow all this page”, Fluther functions normally.

I suggest you go to Chrome and check your filters. Sounds to me like Chrome is blocking cookies or some other geegaw (you can see I’m the ultimate computer expert to answer your question!) Fluther needs to function properly.

Looks like it’s a script blocker that’s causing my burps, specifically NoScript.

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Yikes! This doesn’t sound like something I can fix or do myself. I am just short of being completely computer illiterate : (

Chrome seems to work fine for everything else. I am currently on IE just for Fluther, then I’ll switch back.

I might try Firefox, but I need to back up and move a bunch of stuff first. Don’t have time to do that now.

Thanks for all the advice, folks : )

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If you just go to install Firefox, it will do all the moving, and there is no risk of wiping Chrome’s settings (bookmarks mostly) as installing Firefox doesn’t mess with the Chrome folders the way uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome does. That also means that installing Firefox doesn’t require backing anything up either.

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@jerv Thanks. I think I can do that.

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I use Firefox and have no problems.

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I love the NoScript otherwise.
I get a kick out of it when I call up a page that has, say, the weather for your area automatically displayed and it shows me NY weather when I’m in the Midwest.

At least I’m not giving every site every thing for free.

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@jerv Firefox didn’t move any of my bookmarks/favorites. Do I have to do something to collect them? Sorry I’m so computer stupid : (

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Well, I could walk you through it, but I think that pictures would really be helpful here, so I’ll just give you a link to the relevant page on Mozilla’s support site so you can see where to go and what buttons to hit.

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Oh, yeah! @jerv We computer illiterates love pictures.
And we appreciate your patience.

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@ibstubro I’ve done a lot of tutoring over the years. I find it easy to be patient with those who have a genuine desire to learn/understand.

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@jerv Thanks, I’ll look at it tomorrow when I can give it my full attention : )

—We should come up with a fun new word for a person (such as myself) who is a computer dunce. Maybe “compliterate”?

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