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Who should be the next Bond?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) October 28th, 2015 from iPhone

James Bond.

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Ian Fleming thought that Bond looked like this
It would be cool to find somebody that had the right look and was still a cold blooded killer, which was what the “00” prefix implied.

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I know quite a few people who were upset that Idris Elba is not being considered. I don’t know if I’ve seen him in anything but the Avengers movies, so I can’t really comment on his acting, but he is easy on the eyes…

When that conversation was happening, some were suggesting a female Bond, and I would be OK with that. Rachel Weiss (the wife of our current Bond) or Kate Winslet would work for me.

Finding an actor who can convey those Bond qualities of being suave yet tough, classy on the surface but gritty underneath, debonair but with ice in their veins, isn’t as easy these days as it once seemed

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Hearkat, I thought he was still in the running. Not so?

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I thought it was someone from the production team who said it, but it turns out it’s one of the authors of the newer stories.

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Not only should it be, but it will be Tom Hardy, mark these words, for it is certain.

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@ucme: I do like Tom Hardy, but don’t consider him right for the part. He’s a really good character actor, so he could pull it off, but I don’t consider him a natural for the role.

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I think he’d pull it off, very talented actor & it’s only Bond after all.
He already said he’d be up for playing the role sometime in the near future.

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Idris Elba would make an amazing Bond. I’d watch the everloving hell out of that.

Tom Hardy does have quite a sexy smolder about him though! And he brought his dog to a red carpet performance, major points for that.

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I want to see a woman or black bond. Morris Chestnut or Idris Elba, and that woman that did Colombiana or Ronda Rousey.

Just to switch it up ya know.

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I was just coming here to suggest Tom Hardy. Glad to see @ucme already on the ball.

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I would start going to see Bond movies if it was Jonny Lee Miller.

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I think it’s time to retire the Bond series, but @ragingloli, LOL to Warwick Davis.

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I’d prefer Idris Elba to Tom Hardy. I can’t think who else I might like in the role. I’ll keep thinking.

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Hearkat, that’s just click bait rumors. I’m still pulling for Idris.

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who else remembers Tom Hardy primarily as Praetor Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis?

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oh, good old shinzon. what a terrible movie.
still, better than jarjartrek

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it was pretty terribad. Still, poor Data

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Hardy put in one of the finest acting performances of recent times when he starred in Bronson.
He could play 007 in his sleep & still have time for a late supper…hoorah!!

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Prince Harry!

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I like Hugh @ARE_you_kidding_me, and I know he’s been touted as a potential Bond, but he doesn’t seem to have the right persona. I don’t see him as suave and sophisticated, and I think he lacks the impression of having that cold, hard, killer-instinct. I can’t see him in the role.

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I just thought of something that I would enjoy seeing. Johnny Depp doing his Jack Sparrow character as James Bond. Now that would be something.

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That would be something, indeed.

It wouldn’t be good, but it would be something.

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