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Is it good policy for the US to outsource border patrol to the Mexican government?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) October 28th, 2015

Reading a segment on the NY Times ( it reported that Uncle Sam is paying millions to Mexico to thwart immigrants from even making it to the border. The US have had this ongoing problem way before Europe even had a whiff of it, and I suspect the US knows it is a battle they are losing because for everyone they catch at the border, like kilos of contraband, at least three have slipped by. So, Uncle Sam wants to keep them from even getting to the border. Is this good policy or should better off and wealthy nations be more benevolent in helping poor neighbors or those fleeing conflict and turmoil to save their very lives? Is having the Mexicans do the heavy lifting leaves Uncle Sam feeling better about not looking like a callous douche with blood on his hands seeing part of what was said in the article was, “The U.S. government is sponsoring the hunting of migrants in Mexico to prevent them from reaching the U.S.,” says Christopher Galeano, who spent last summer researching what’s happening in Mexico for human rights groups there. “It is forcing them to go back to El Salvador, Honduras, to their deaths.” Whether or not the immigrants face danger, or death in their nation should Uncle Sam simply say ”Not my problem, I have my own domestic junk and the Middle East, you are on your own” and not care about what outcome the immigrants face if repatriated so long as none game the system?

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Ethical or even legal considerations once again bow to the bottom line. It’s simply cheaper to bribe Mexican officials to bully and intimidate migrants than bear the mounting expense involved with feeding, housing then flying home hordes of desperate people. It probably won’t work. How do you suppose our government will go about figuring out whether or not those being bribed simply pocket the money and ignore our “problem”?

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First of all, the article cited is an opinion, not a news article. That is why it uses inflammatory language such as “hunting migrants” and “forcing them…back to their deaths.”

And it is a more complicated problem than just “outsourcing” as you describe it. Immigrants that cannot get over the border into the U.S. are a problem for Mexico.

So in my opinion, it is a worthwhile effort in stanching one aspect of the immigration issue.

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Why not? Trump wants to ship folks back to Mexico and have the Mexican government pay for it. Why not have the mexicans do our work for us?

After all, US business have hired mexicans to do nasty labor for generations.

(Only partly tongue in cheek)

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@zenvelo First of all, the article cited is an opinion, not a news article.
Based off the fact the article is said to be an opinion you would go on record to say there is no truth to it? Further, you would testify that none of those people if sent back would be in peril of drug dealers, the government or anything like that? Do you attest that everyone trying to get to US territory just want to come here and grift off the tax payers? How much truth do you believe is in there?

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