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Why is my TV sound system buzzing?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) October 29th, 2015

I checked online and it seems the problem might be a ground loop.

The buzzing stops when I disconnect my CD player from the mains but it returns as soon as I plug it back in even if the mains socket isn’t switched on.

This problem happened quite suddenly. Can anyone explain it in non technical terms and suggest a solution?

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Does your CD player have a power (on/off) switch?

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Yes, it does.

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Does your CD player have a two or three prongs on the plug that goes in into mains??
It sounds like you have a “Bad ground” in the CD player.
You maybe able to add a ground wire to the CD player and connect to “Earth” on a water pipe.

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@Tropical_Willie It has three prongs. There are no pipes nearby. It was fine yesterday, I’m not sure what can have changed overnight.

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Yes, that loud, deep humming buzz is from a ground. It could be in the cord that plugs from the CD player to the system. That is cheaper to repair. What kind of plug does it have?

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It’s usually caused by a ground potential (loop) You may try plugging the the cd player into a different outlet. You want all that equipment on the same ground.

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All appliances are three pin and are earthed and all are plugged into the same extension lead. Connecting the CD player to a different socket makes no difference.

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Does it happen when only the cd power cable is connected? What happens when the audio cables are unplugged and it’s still plugged into the ac outlet?

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@flutherother It sounds like the ground lead inside the CD player has been broken, has the unit been dropped or jostled ? ? Even turned upside down ? ?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me With everything unplugged except the amplifier and the CD player I still get the buzzing sound.
@Tropical_Willie No the unit has not been moved or touched.
If I disconnect the CD player’s earth lead the sound stops but I don’t want to do that.

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@flutherother Let me repeat, “If I disconnect the CD player’s earth lead the sound stops but I don’t want to do that”. The ground wire is removed; that makes it buzz? Sounds like there is a short or wire broken inside the CD player.

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It’s only when the CD player is earthed that I get the buzzing sound. The CD player might have a broken wire but it wasn’t moved or jolted. I don’t use it much anyway so I have disconnected it for now.

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@flutherother time to try a different one.

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