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What's your default view?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) July 23rd, 2008

Now that we have the option of different views of questions on Fluther, which view are you using(“all”, “your fluther” or “just for you”) – and why?

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I use “all”. My lack of a real life allows me to at least browse the title of every question.

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I use all as well. For the same reason.

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How do you see the options and choose one?

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It’s on the bar, right above where the questions start, below where you can ask a question…..are you on iPhone, by any chance?

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Ok. I get it. Duh.

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I don’t know.

I mean that I don’t really track it carefully.

Sometimes it’s Just For Me if I happen to notice a lot of Questions for Me queueing up. Sometimes it’s My Fluther because that’s nice on a high traffic day. And often it’s All, because I can’t stand knowing there’s something I might be missing.

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I start with Just for Me, then move on to “All.” I use Just for Me because I am interested to find out what kind of Fluther the Fluther-bots think I am interested in then I click All because – not unlike robmandu – can’t stand the thought of missing something.

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All, I have an open mind :)

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I start with My Questions, and then browse all.

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All. I always want it all.

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I start with All, look at the questions that interest me and if i still have some Qs highlighted in the “just for me” category, i look at those next and choose “not interested”. As of now, i do not use the “my fluther” feature at all. Stalking people might make more sense when the community size increases. but right now, i don’t want to miss out on detecting the charming new people who join the site so i can learn new things and perhaps add them to my fluther later on. i like the people in “my fluther”, but i prefer variety in general.

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No idea. I tend to go for my personal ones first, clear those up then find anything the system has missed :)

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I start with my questions, then ill go to my fluther and look through that, and then if i still have time to kill(which i usually do) ill go through All.

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When I run out of questions or the ones slotted for me don’t interest me, I use the all feature.

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Activity for you>Questions for you>Your Fluther>All. Takes a while, I’m still catching up from the weekend. and it’s Thursday

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