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Are the inmates planning to run the asylum?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28841points) October 30th, 2015

Not satisfied with the republican debate earlier in the week, several candidates are planning to take control of the debates and their format and (no surprise) make things run the way they want to.


- can these guys reach agreement? It seems like a zero sum thing – what’s good for Trump is not necessarily good for Kasich.

- does stacking the deck make them any more credible?

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In a word, no. To put this in perspective, at this time in 2011, Herman Caine had just overtaken Michele Bachman in the race for the Presidential nomination.

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@marinelife GA for putting it into perspective.

I think anything that happens this early is part of the multi-network reality show called “Election 2016”.

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@marinelife Your example certainly puts it into perspective. All this activity is just “reality” show fodder. No doubt, In the coming months they will stage debates on an island and have challenges that teams must complete.
Candidates will not be permitted to bathe or wash their hair for 72 hours.

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This is the third election cycle in a row where the Republicans have so many running that the public has to endure this seemingly endless nonsense. “Survivor” at least winnows the contestants once a week.

What the Republicans need is preliminary voting round to make a candidate eligible for Iowa and New Hampshire. A national vote after 2 debates to get it down to eight, or maybe a minimum of 3% of a national vote.

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@LuckyGuy We would not want to know what might come out of Donald Trump’s hair if he washed it.

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Planning to?

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@zenvelo I think anyone polling lower than the margin of error at this stage should be disqualified.

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