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So, what should they do with the 90 year old woman who was making purses out of neighborhood cats?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) October 30th, 2015

This story.


Social morals are a funny thing. We’re horrified at the idea of making purses or coats out of cats, but have no problem with making purses or coats out of cows.

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it’s really not a hard decision to make as to what to do. She needs healthy care and comfort. Why would a 90 year old woman suffering from dementia be living by herself in order to capture, kill, and skin cats?

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Oh dear! I hope @crazyandbeautiful doesn’t read the article and get any ideas.

It sounds as if the situation is already being addressed; she’s in a mental health facility now.

Did someone change the rules on using “women” instead of “woman”, and I missed the memo? Not only is it used in this article, but it’s becoming common on Fluther as well.

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That was my thought @zenvelo. Why was she even still living on her own?

You scared me for a second, @Pied_Pfeffer! I scrambled to check my spelling…whew! People are just getting lazy.

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It is a sign of mental disturbance that she would do such a thing. But…what if she had a cow and was making stuff out of it’s skin and hide? Then it wouldn’t be a mental disturbance.

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I’ve threatened my cats with making glove liners out of them, but have never had to follow through. They seem to know I’m bluffing. They would make good ones though.

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Some of them would, too! I’ve threatened my cat with extinction. She just bites me. But she’d make a beautiful, black hat.

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It’s a comedy site. Other posts include:
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Shit! I actually went to Snopes to check it out, but they’ve changed the site. I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to look a specific article up.

Well, we can still discuss why skinning cats would be a sign of mental disturbance in our society, but skinning a cow isn’t. Or skinning a lion or a zebra and hanging the the skin on the wall.

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Ah, I figured it out. False

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I think anyone that skins a lion and hangs it on the wall is disturbed, but then no one is eating lions.

Leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. I hear zebra I’d a good meal, though I’ve never had the opportunity.

Stealing the neighbors’ cats to make handbags is destruction of property at least, even if she was eating the animals. They weren’t hers to kill.

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What if they were stray cats?

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Then, to be honest I don’t have a personal problem with it. She might need a valid hunting license.

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I was going to suggest we buy her some Little Friskies so she has her raw stock. Everyone nedds a hobby. ~

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How about a gift certificate to the humane society for Christmas?

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Or we could buy her some rats and mice to make accessory purses for coins, earrings, etc. maybe she’s really good at this.~

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A gift certificate to Tandy would be pretty good too.

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Death Penalty. Violence against cats is the only offence for which I support the death penalty. No crime is more heinous and abominable.

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@Adirondackwannabe , are you aware that mouse pelts used to be a popular fashion statement? To be free of lice, French ladies would shave themselves good and bald. They would then wear gargantuan wigs, an mouse pelts served as eyebrows.

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