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What are you in denial about?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) October 30th, 2015

I’m currently pretending that winter will never come. If I don’t wear anything heavier than a sweatshirt, that I can go back to short-sleeves without the coat wearing interim.

Come on, you’ve got to be in denial about something!


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The fact that I have no prayer for a retirement income.

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I was talking from Cairo over to Tel Aviv, and I came to this big river—I couldn’t believe how wide it was.

Man, was I in De Nile.

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That I’ll find a suitable living place for a price I can afford.

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That I need this stupid cane. I can handle the health issues, the cane just comes along to laugh at me. SOB.

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I’m in denial that people are stupid enough to vote Republican even (actually, ESPECIALLY) when it goes against their stated beliefs. They probably jump in a lake to dry off too.

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Can’t very well admit what I deny, if I’m in denial about it.

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@Symbeline True. Then why am I still searching?

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I guess I’m kind of in denial about how hard losing weight might be for me because of my hypothyroidism. I was thin for my entire life, minus the last few years. Had no problems losing weight (and actually used to have trouble putting it on), so I want to believe losing weight is going to be just as easy. It hasn’t been thus far.

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A bunch of shit, well sort of. I’m currently getting my house in order. Several shoes have already dropped and a couple more to go. I am giving myself one year (before the big 4–0)

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I’m pretending that I don’t have time for certain things. But I do that all the time. The pretending helps speed me up, sometimes to a speed that I can’t imagine.

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I’m in denial that I can make a comeback from disability and failure in university. Also that I can fix what is broken

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I’m in complete denial about getting older and that I need to start thinking about the future. I thought I’d be dead by now. I have always been a “live in the moment” kind of person. This adult thing sucks ass.

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I’m in immediate denial of the fact that my glasses have to be replaced.
A couple of months ago I broke ½ the hinge off of one side, and they’re rimless, so little more than 2 wires and 2 lenses at the best of time.
They are so old that they’re burnished from cleaning and the Px is way out of date.

Parting with the $500 replacement cost is such bitter sorrow.
I got my first pair of rimless when GHW Bush was president. This is pair #2. lol

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Duuude… $500?

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That by next November, I will have to move yet again.

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Yeah, $500 was the Walmart estimate, @Seek.
Cheaper version, I can hardly abide by.
Invisible bifocal, yada, yada, yada,
Getting old is not cheap.

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my recent one was 100€.

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Damn. I get my eyes checked about once every three years just to make sure nothing’s changed, get my prescription, then buy the glasses online. $50, max, for single vision polycarbonate lenses with oil-resistance and blahblah.

I’m dreading needing bifocals someday… I know it’s going to happen, too, because I now have to take my glasses off to read a book.


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I love the rimless, but they’re expensive.
If something goes wrong when they make them, they can’t even be adjusted…they just have to start over.
I should probably go with something cheaper, but I detest eyeglasses that ‘make a statement’. For me, I hate them. Ignore the man behind the curtain glasses. lol

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I just tried out the on-sale-for-$19 frame pair with a fake prescription.

With progressive no-line bifocals, super-oelophobic anti-reflective coating, and whatever lens style you like, and the “recommended” mid-range polycarbonate lenses, total cost is less than $80.

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That’s amazing, @Seek!

After I broke my glasses, I went into Walmart and picked out the frames that best suited me. She added it up (bi-focal, polycarbonate, anti scratch, blah blah blah) and she was up over $350, without exam. That was even the frames I really want, where the hinges open both ways.

Is this the place you use to buy glasses?
I didn’t enable the site, because there are sometimes best price offers for the first time you visit, so I didn’t want them to ‘see’ me. But I saved the site. Thanks!

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Yes, I’ve used them, and so have several members of my family. Always pleased with the result.

Now, when you get your exam, make sure they fill in the PD space – your pupillary distance. They like to leave it off to discourage online purchasing, but you’re paying for your prescription and they legally have to give it to you upon request.

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I had a HUGE stink over that in Missouri.
The optometrist refused to give me my Rx for contacts, claiming it was his liability if something went wrong. I never did get it.

This time everything will be in Illinois.

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I am in denial that climate change, global warming, or whatever one wants to call it will not take hold like a vengeance making the winter late spring-like so I don’t have to break out the winter clothes, or see the gals put away the skirts and Dukes.

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@ seek and @ibstubro : lucky guy says he uses some online place from China for really cheap glasses.

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