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Are their any good FREE image manipulating programs for macs like photoshop but free?

Asked by genevievejones (112points) July 23rd, 2008

i’m working on my first website project, slowly, just using simple iweb, but there are things that I want to create outside of their set templates… I need a free program that would help me create picture and text files that I can just drop into iweb.

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The GIMP. is pretty good and free!

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Grab GraphicConverter. It is pretty much free and should do what you need.

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Adobe photoshop express is in beta and free

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Joey had it right the GIMP is what you are looking for.

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Seashore is awesome. Look for it on
It’s like a simple version of the GIMP. I’d post a link but I’m on my iPhone at the moment :)

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As @diceliving said, Adobe Photoshop Express is good, and there is also Picnic for editing photos for free online. It has some fun filters and effects.

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thank you so much everyone! first fluther question = success

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Okay, I know you put “free” in all caps and all, so it’s probably important to you that it’s free, but check out Pixelmator too if you like. It’s very powerful, has a great interface, and it’s only $59.

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The GIMP is good for fairly advanced editing, just keep in mind that the interface is not great. Online editing, as breanne said, Adobe Photoshop Express is also good, but I like the user friendly Picnic much more. Hope this helps :)

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@ukasaka, that helps immensely.. the picnic link you have up is actually a link to a park where you can hold company or school picnics… kind of hilarious.

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I agree with breanne and ukasaka about it’s the best free solution.It’s easy, cool, and you can use it anywhere.

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