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Are there any stores at all in the state of Maine that still sell syrup of ipecac?

Asked by emsjpb (2points) July 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

Looking for it for part of an experiment but can’t find it anywhere

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Sounds like a dangerous experiment. Thats some potent stuff!

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I agree with Joey. I hear that stuff isn’t recommended for use anymore. You should be able to buy it over the counter at almost any pharmacy though. Good luck on your experiment.

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It’s available over the counter without a prescription. If your experiement is on humans, you may want to take note of these points from the Northern New England Poison Center:

“Why not recommend ipecac now?
* Ipecac may not help.
* Ipecac may delay other more effective treatments for poisoning.
* Ipecac can worsen poisoning in some cases (acids, gasoline, lamp oil, others).
* Ipecac is unsafe if given often (for weight loss, misuse by parents).”

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