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What is your weirdest Halloween experience?

Asked by Magical_Muggle (2165points) October 31st, 2015

Ok, so this question arose from when I was trick-or-treating with some friends – I live in Australia, so Halloween celebrations aren’t as big.
Anyway, we came to this house on the corner of the street, a few streets away from mine, and we ran his doorbell, he had one of those buzzer things, so he could decide whether or not to let us through the gate, anyway, we rang it, and waited for an answer, eventually we got a reply though the speaker:
“Get lost”
My friends and I had a bit of a laugh and went ‘ohhhh!’, we then left, however one of the boys decided it necessary to ring the bell two more times, we were all on our way to the next house, when the man comes out from his house and shouts
Luckily there was a large gate and fence between him and us and we were already quite far away, but it was scary nonetheless. We definitely ran.
So, What is your weirdest Halloween Experience, it can be from this year or one in the past, it can be anything really!

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Today, November 1st, is the real Halloween. The days before were just some normal day. It’s probably because it’s Sunday, but Halloween has never been celebrated that late before. The other years it was celebrated on October 31st or sooner.

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@Mimishu1995, It is actually Hallows Day (or something like that) Halloween means Hallows Eve. What do you mean by Halloween never being celebrated that late?
(I am slightly confused by your comment)

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Actually, Halloween isn’t something big here. Usually it is only celebrated on October 31st, like a small celebration day and not a big holiday. Some enthusiasts can go on to celebrate some days earlier, but that’s their business. So I’m surprised that this year it is celebrated on November.

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Some big dude showed up to my house last year dressed as Slenderman for trick or treat. Scared the poop out of me, as the previous trick or treaters were all kids and I wasn’t expecting such a big dude. I just shoveled some candy into his bag, and then Slenderman went sprinting off. The whole experience was surreal.

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@weeveeship probably a man with the mind of a child.

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