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What is the most controversial issue of 2008?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) July 23rd, 2008

What do you think?

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Well, there’s so much.
Iraq, Polar Bears, Immigration, Election, North Korea…

I find that day to day I have no say in how any one of those issues turn out, so every day my biggest question is, will I make a PB&J today, or eat out? Now that good sir, is controversial.

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@Breefield; Haha. I have to agree with you on all accounts. =)

The one super-controversial thing that I think, as of right now anyway, is the most controversial—
is the Olympics and the whole China-Tibet feud.

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I agree with all you guys have said so far and must also add Climate Change.

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the iPhone 3G. People queued for hours to buy it so they could go home and complain about it.

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@shubbery – that’s what the polar bears where :)
@lightlyseared – controversial, that’s just a bunch of fanboys doing their thing. Not to step on anyone’s toes. I would have been in line too if I was on ATT.

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On the international scale, the most controversial issue continues to be the hegemony of the US.

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I’d say in CA its gay marriage.

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I thought so Breefield, I just wanted to make it more obvious :)
Poor polar bears :(

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The food crisis, Darfur, bio-fuels as the worst idea ever, pollution, oil prices sky rocketing, Iran and the nuclar program, the war on terror and climate change, it’s been a bad year so far…

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The ultimate Large and most potentially affecting issue of 2008 is the conflict between Israel, Iran, UK, and USA. this has the potential to be a volatile and outrageous war that will have severe implications on the production of fuel oil that powers the world. It has the potential to bring in all surrounding countries. If Iran continues on the path towards nuclear energy then Israel will blow up the plant like they did to Syria, and Iraq. Iran stated that they have missiles pointed to every 32 US bases in the gulf region, and many times more pointed straight into the heart of Israel. Iran said that they will launch if USA or any other country attempts a military assault on the nuclear I project. Israel has the bomb, and Tehran has 15 million people. I don’t doubt that If 100 missiles were launched at Israel and the thirty two at the US bases, that there will be an all out war aimed at extinguishing the right wing government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This is the most pressing and potentially volatile international conflict of 2008 – thank you I am open for discussion.

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In addition to the above, impeaching Bush, Cheney, et al.

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I don’t think that any of the answers address a specific problem of 2008, all of the problems stated but the Iran one, begun before 2008 i.e climate change, Olympics, china-tibet fued, these are older then 2008. especially the PB&J (ha, the oldest question of the book, lunch!)

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@scrum I don’t think there is a right answer on this. Just what we think. :)

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I would say oil prices. I think the controversial part about it, is the reason gas prices are so high. We have been told its because supply and demand, china, OPEC, greed, and speculation. In my opinion, the media I’d protecting the real culprits, the bankers. Our dollar has lost much value, due to our monetary policy. I agree that Bush’s spending has caused this, but is our monetary policy, that allows Bush access to unlimited money that is the problem. Sure, speculation is a problem with prices, but why are people speculating on commodities? Because commodities are worth something no matter what currency you use. They ate basically putting their money that the dollar is tanking.
Its such a simple concept, money supply goes up, prices go up. That is what I think is controversial, people just regurgitate what the media tells them and believe it to be true.

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Bree, * sniff * that poor little guy :(

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Britney Spears?

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@tinyfaery, correct, it just scares the hell out of me. Its what I think. You are right.

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I think that would be much more controversial If people actually knew that articles of impeachment were introduced. It seems the average person has no clue that this is going on.
Which leads to another controversial subject. Media ownership and propoganda.

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@chris6137 Articles of impeachment have been introduced? I’m out of country for the last three months, I have no idea whats going on in USA anymore.

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I think the most controversial issue is that the U.S. is sliding into a major depression with barely a peep. The failure of the housing market, the highest unemployment rates in decades, the sharpest rise in food prices in decades, the high fuel prices are all starting a cascade of failure that no one seems willing to even acknowledge.

IndyMac (which sounds like a fast food sandwich promoting a movie) could become a watchword. When was the last time a bank failed, and there was a run on it by its customers? It was 30 years ago.

This is scary, people.

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This story is from June 8. Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced 35, yes 35, articles of impeachment against Bush. Even if you were in the US, theres a good chance you wouldnt have heard about it anyway. Very few people I talk to even know about it.


we are headed into a depression with barely a peep from who?? MSM?
Ive been talking about it for a long time.

The info is out there, we just need to look for it on our own, rather than having the tv tell us everything. (Not a personal attack on you)

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Fuel/oil prices, inflation and the mortgage crisis, probably.

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All fantastic answers. I agree with you all. As it would seem, there are just too many correct answers, which was the point I was trying to get at. What is it with our country? What have we come to? The economy is practically worthless, the country is millions of dollars in debt, and the people running our country have no idea what they’re doing, nonetheless the global warming issue. And in all of this, pretty much all of the major countries are in some kind of fight, instead of banding together to try to fix everything. It’s simply ridiculous is what it is.

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Didn’t you say you were 14. You have plenty of time to worry about the f%&*#@ up state of the country/world. Go ride a bike while you still can. In 2012 you’ll be, what, 18? There’s not much time left! :)

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@tiny; lol, yeah, I’m 14. =)
I appreciate your concern of me preserving my childhood, but I’m most interested in the real world. Besides, I can’t ride my bike because it’s raining. =)

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Its all the real world.

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@ tiny; True, but I believe you know what I mean. I often wish I was older so that I could participate in elections and make more of a difference in the world than I’m able to at this age. I do make time for fun, as well. My friends and I do things together all of the time. At the same time, however, I spend a lot of time on school work [though it’s summer, so that’s currently irrelevant] and learning about what goes on outside of my sheltered house.

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@fly I wasn’t dissin you. You seem very educated and articulate. Just making sure that you are enjoying your youth. Since mine is gone :(

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I’m going to pretend that this question means the same thing as, “what is the most controversial issue you can think of?” ... and then decide that I would surely offend many people if I applied my imagination to that problem and shared the result, and thereby avoid offense and effort, by not doing so.

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@tiny ; I didn’t think you were. =)

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@Xaku; That’s wise and understandable. =)

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The war….everything else is secondary…the war!

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China getting the olympics! Free tibet!

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I think the thing with Russia and Georgia is going to escalate further, that’ll be more pressing than pretty much anything here soon. The economy is starting to recover, hey 1.9% growth last quarter. Oil prices are starting to come down, last I saw they were at $120 a barrel. The dollar has been weakened not by Bush, but by the Fed by cutting interest rates, putting more money into circulation, and bailing out the folks who got over their heads by buying houses they knew they couldn’t afford. Not to mention the bailouts of Bairn Sterns (sp), Fannie May, and the other big govt funded loan company.

The comment above about us having the highest unemployment in decades is inaccurate. It’s true that we had the highest spike in unemployment in decades, but we’re still a bit lower than we were a decade ago. I blame both Congress and the President for that one, due to the rise in the minimum wage. We also saw a spike in unemployment when Clinton raised the minimum wage back in ‘96.

Global warming is a non issue.

The best way to deal with the oil prices and such is to lift the bans on offshore drilling and actually open up ANWR. Sure, it may take the better part of a decade, but it will drive the cost of oil down. Before the lynching begins, I’ll say that I’m all for getting off the oil standard, but that’s going to take at least 30 years for alternative fuels to become economical for us. What people don’t realize is that the birth of a certain technology isn’t cheap right off the bat. Ethanol may be cheap at the pump, but look how much we’re paying for food now; that’s the trade-off. Ethanol also costs more to produce than gasoline, and it’s more wasteful and more of a detriment to the environment, let alone to our vehicles that aren’t flexfuel capable.

With all that in mind, I think we’ll be alright.

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President McCain.

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One month later…deregulate or reregulate and the government saddling us overnight with a 30% increase in a national debt (trillions) that took 40 years to accumulate.

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Terrorism in India…. and serial bomb blast in major cities of the country

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The most controversial issue of 2008 might be trying to agree on what is the most controversial issue of 2008.

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