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Did you ever get the feeling that you were going to pass out in your sleep?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) November 2nd, 2015

I guess when in between being awake and asleep. Did you ever feel as if you were going to pass out in your sleep and then woke up with a racing heart? What may have caused it?

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Ok, I’ll try this again.
Scary feelings I’ll bet. Wow.
Please go find out from your GP.

They are going to ask you such things like:
Were you lying flat? Or on the side?
Pillows? Upset stomach?
Dizziness? Any arm pain?
Headache? Pounding in your ears?

Just go and see. Ok?
Please be careful. I hope you’re feeling better.
Take care.

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No, never.

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I recall one time many years ago when I had been sick and vomiting – a lot. (flu?)
I was already in bed and suddenly felt so light headed I knew I would have passed out if I moved. I just closed my eyes took my head off the pillow and moved one down under the covers to elevate my legs a little. It must have worked.

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Yes. I have postural hypotension.

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