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What web sites for news do you use?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) July 23rd, 2008

I read, BBC, NY Times, La times, for my online news sources, they are liberal and tend to have more international issues on them, but i need some more. I feel they are getting stagnant in their content and repetitive, what about science news. Any one?

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For science I mostly use and
Although Im starting to grow very tired of

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The Reagan-era line about the “liberal media” really isn’t so anymore. In fact, there was a story this morning about how the NYT pressured one of its columnists to “lay off” the Bush administration. All of the mainstream media have given carte blanche to Bush & company for the war in Iraq and just in the last couple years as things have fallen apart at home are they beginning to allow the printing of unflattering truths.

Personally, I check Google News for stories on the same subject from a variety of sources.

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I follow a lot of sources. Nothing all that noteworthy here, though. I do require a decent RSS feed. Since decent feed readers are now free, they’re a boon for quick information assimilation. I can hit a lot of viewpoints and catch flash news pretty quickly.

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Sky News but I hate their new Beta website!

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Online is still not my primary news source. I usually only look at spot stories that I want more information on. I often look at CNN.

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@gc Yes, I second Slate. I read that a fair amount. Also, I forgot I sometimes read things in Huffington Post.

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science news

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