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Have you seen something disturbing lately?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) July 23rd, 2008

The other day I saw a pregnant lady smoking. It’s been a few days, but I can’t seem to get the image of her smoking out of my mind. I just keep seeing this baby in her womb smoking. (like an old commercial) What have you seen lately that bothered you so much that it keeps crossing your mind.

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This. It, literally, makes me want to cry.

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A piece I saw on TV news about all the middle-class homeless people now living in their cars, and how a California city has built a special parking lot for them so they can bed down and sleep safely at night.

When there are that many homeless who are not part of the hardcore poverty fringe, the economy is much worse than we are yet grasping.

Each time I hear new stories of unemployment and who is unemployed now, I become frightened that we are heading for our own version of the Great Depression while George W does the Texas Two-Step in the White House.

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I was going to say something about this cow that I worked with up until very recently… but then I saw the two uber-serious responses and felt stupid.

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The Darfur pictures on the food crisis, a friend sent me a slide show of families in different countries in the world about their monthly budget on food, with the picture of all they buy in the grocery store, and the last picture was of a family in a refugee camp in Darfur, I wanted to cry…

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@marina I totally agree with you in the fact that people in the parking lot is very sad. And I believe we might be in for a great depression.

Now something disturbing. I lived in California for two years near Riverside. And I would continually see people live way beyond there means. Having a huge house, two super nice vechicles. A lifted up super duty truck and jet skis and boats. To me that was disturbing. People don’t live in there means. I feel victim to that. But I’m trying to pull out.

Another disturbing image. The media trying to get people to buy buy buy. It’s disturbing. Very few people care about saving money and just want the latest and greatest.

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this morning my neighbors across the street were backing out of their driveway, and just as they started to drive away their dog came running out into the street, and they pulled over and just kept honking their horn at the dog for 5 minutes untill it made it back in their yard, it pissed me off so bad that they were too fucking lazy to get out of their car and put their dog back in the yard and close the gate! Once the dog went back in the yard (gate still wide open) they drove away, and their dog went right back out into the street! I would call animal control on them if I didn’t think the dog would just end up being put to sleep…..I hate my neighbors…ugh

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@cheeb… call Animal Control to pick up the dog. Post an anonymous note on their door telling them that their dog was picked up. They hafta pay ~$50 to get their dog out of jail.

If it’s some pure breed kind of dog, chances are it’ll get out of the pound even if the owners don’t go get it.

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Yesterday I had an eye exam and it shook me a bit.
I’m quite phobic about my eyes and can’t touch them – or let anyone else touch them. During the exam, the dr. used a number of drugs; local anesthetic (sp?), a dye for the lids and the stuff to dialate your pupils. As if that wasn’t bad enough, sitting there, letting this pressure measuring device come right up to my iris…...<shivers!!>
Afterwards the dr. told me he did actually touch the eye, but the anesthetic meant I couldn’t feel it.

I’m still not entirely over it! (luxury problem, I know, but very personal and close to home)

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It looks like it’s 1/2 chihuahua and 1/2 poodle, it’s really ugly…..and it’s a little mean, Im not sure anyone would want to adopt it. Based on the condition of their cars and yard, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t pay the $ to get it back. I think I’ll be calling animal control anyways, I don’t want any kids to get bit by the dog…

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Sad. Makes me so mad when people mistreat their pets.

Alternative then: You see random stray dog around neighborhood. Dunno where it could’ve possibly came from. Pick it up and deliver to a no-kill shelter nearby.

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Where I work, all I see is disturbing day in day out.

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I saw a drowned rat in a bucket of water yesterday.

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Me too, tf. :(

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when people sport name brands across their chests.
it makes me sick.
you would pay hundreds of dollars on a shirt that could be put to stop this depression we’re headed to?!
people are so ignorant these days.
it’s rather irksome.

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@mssamayray: Brand names? I have a shirt with the Nike logo that was $15, and I have tons of Adidas which probably cost no more than $25 at most, and I have a few Alpinestars items all under $50. Those are all brand names, with the logos clearly displayed on the front. Do I make you sick?

Also part of the reason for the recession is that people aren’t buying things. So, buying things would actually help the situation.

Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

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I’m concerned with the extraneous spending.
on such things as chanel, D&G, etc.
why spend so much on just clothing?

and the recession is not completely linked to spending. it has made an influence though. rather than saving for the future, the rich pour money from their pockets while escaping taxes. and the poor are constantly being jeopardized by our government. the poor are left in quite the ditch.

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@mssamayray: As long as the economy is being stimulated by legal spending, why would you care where it’s going?

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because the legal spending passes the deficit.
it’s on things that lord knows are useless.
such as hmmm….the WAR?

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I wouldn’t necessarily compare war to say, a pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes, but whatever floats your boat.

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it can compare poof,
small things parallel large ones everyday.
it’s a common theme on life.
and that, I find, disturbing.

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I’m going to go put on my Steve Madden sandals and Adidas shirt and take my Juicy Couture purse with me to the mall where I might invest in some Prada and stimulate the economy.

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sarcasm isn’t appreciated.
everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.
it’s disturbing that you couldn’t respect that.

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I love sarcasm!

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I love sarcasm, and capitalization!

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I like how government deficit spending is conflated with general consumerism.

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@robmandu: :)

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I like how mature it is to bash on people on fluther?

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Did I miss something? Who was being bashed??

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it’s a disrespect of opinion.

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You may find this thread helpful. We discuss things here, and one needs a thick skin when entering into any type of debate. Also a good sense of humor helps. If the discussion get too heated for your liking, it’s best to agree to disagree and find something more suitable for you on the site.

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well, then you wouldn’t be offended if I told you that my opinion of your opinion is that it made me sick. Is that assumption incorrect?

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Not again :(

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People should probably be a little more worried about all the money that is spent on things such as illegal immigration, graffiti removal (12 billion dollars every year), the war on drugs…....rather than complain about logos on clothing…

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As scamp said (as usual ;P) Sense of humor is key, mssamayray. Everyone here has our disagreements. What we pride ourselves in is our ability to take everything with a grain of salt and not hold grudges. We drop it the second we’re on to the next question.

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@mssamayray: You pay for what you get. I personally wouldn’t spend too much money on clothes, since the style changes so often. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t buy accessories of such names. I do and they last a long time and you can feel the quality of the item. I work hard and like to treat myself once in awhile. I am sure I speak for other, but we deserve it!

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A co-worker and I were at the city community center yesterday, and while we was waiting for some paperwork to be delivered, an extremely heavy woman seated across from us lifted her shirt, flipped out an enormous breast, and began to suckle a child.
“Maintain…eye…contact…” She made no attempt to cover up.
Discussing the incident on the drive back, we came to the conclusion that no matter what the woman had looked like, the incident would have been just as shocking and disturbing, simply because of the innappropriateness. There were adolescent children running around, and leering old men. And us.

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@Knotmyday while I think it’s ok for a woman to nurse her child in public if she is discreet, I agree that what the woman you speak of was not appropriate at all. she could have done so without giving unsuspecting people a show they didn’t want to see.

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@mssa I think people should spend their money on whatever they want. Personally I am not much of a dresser but I love overpriced dinner and sports so those are my indulgences. To each his own. I am sure you have something you waste money on or do you live a life of poverty and giving like mother Thersa.

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Seeing pit bulls walked around the neighborhood I work in, sporting huge padlocks on their necks.

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sooperburd‘s avatar.

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@rob- I wish i hadn’t opened that link…...that is very disturbing! lol

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who IS that?

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someone who needs gun control and some serious manscaping!

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The whole Darfur situation really bugs me, seriously young children killing is not exactly my cup of tea.

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Opening my my Granny’s underwear drawer (that should be disturbing on its own), & finding 5 or 6 pill bottles. I don’t even believe in taking Tylenol!

Also, I didn’t see it, but I was told about it: One of our dogs had a seizure this morning. He’s okay now, but…...

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The show Hoarders. Seriously, any one of those episodes will put you off food for a while.

I dare not link to it, but if you are curious, googling Hanna the chicken lady may give you a good idea.

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