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When do they start selling Egg Nog where you live?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 4th, 2015

Also when do they stop selling Egg Nog?

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It’s available right now. And they stop when they run out after New Year’s Day.

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I’ve seen it in the shops here for the last month.

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I saw it here for the first time this weekend. So Halloween?

I do not buy it until the solstice. And when I do get it I get the full fat version – just one carton.

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November 1.

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I first started setting it at HEB here in Austin in late Oct. Used to drink lots of it every winter but no more—too much fat and sugar for me.

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Seeing, not setting.

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I have no idea.

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I first noticed it this past week, but I’m seldom in the refrigerated dairy section.
I think it might be available year round, in some form? You can buy it in cans. I’m guessing year round.

Why? Have you skipped so many KFC meals that you’re on a doctor ordered weight-gain program? ~ ~

I couldn’t remember the disgusting thing you bought, like, 500 packages of, so I used KFC. It’s our ‘go to’ place!

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Spirited or Non?

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