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Hey fellas (maybe even some lucky ladies) have you ever noticed a baldspot under your chin?

Asked by Indy318 (1012points) July 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

After not shaving for about a week, I noticed there is a distinct patch of baldness right under your chin. I asked all my guy friends and they agreed as well. Have any of you out there share this peculiar characteristic as well? More importantly, why do we have this baldspot?

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(peels up the mask a bit) Me neither.

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maybe its just something in this Jersey water that causing the mutation.

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It’s called alopecia (I had that, first it was under my chin, then, in my head, I had bald spots in my head as big as 50 cent coins) my doctor told me that it was caused because I was under too much stress and that was virtually killing myself (I was about to turn 23, just Imagine how much I was suffering) after 7 months of treatment, the spots were gone and now I’m trying to live a more relaxed life :)

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sorry to hear about your story. I hope i don’t that. I’m not under a lot of stress or anything and I doubt all my friends are miserable. I think it’s just something you have as a teenager and hopefully goes away by your 20s. I appreciate the response though

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Lack of facial hair, either partially or completely, is not uncommon here on Fluther.

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I didnt know that could be such a sensitive topic. :)

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I have noticed that if I let my beard grow out for a bit, shave it off, and then grow it out again, it comes back ever-so-slightly fuller than before. Repeat as needed. YMMV.

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I hauled my cat to the vet’s (very expensive if you include gas) and he laughed. Vet and Milo have the same problem. Vet called it Male Pattern Baldness and still billed me.

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I have one there. I have to do a beard comb-over to cover it!

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Unfortunely my “beard” as I like to call, isn’t as thick as yours, Mr. Loser. I think I should just want til I get my manly hair. It’ll probably blossom a little later than my other facial hair.

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Little boys fall down a lot. Many guys I know have a little scar just under their chin bone. Beards do not grow on these scars.

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no but hair on my cheeks are not even on both sides. I would not call it bald spots just the grass ain’t growing fully there.

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It could be that you’re wicked fat and your triple chin is rubbing your chin hairs off. Just speculation though.

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well, that’s not nice

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