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Should I call attention to wacky Democratic politicians? They're just as loony as the Republicans!

Asked by elbanditoroso (28880points) November 4th, 2015

I thought that invoking God for political hay-making was pretty much the right-wing’s game. Sill me.


A Democratic congressman from California (why am I not surprised?) suggest to Janet Yellen that ‘god’s plan is not to raise interest rates in the Fall’ and therefore god wants her to raise them in May.

Oh puhleeeez….

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Was there ever any question? This site is pretty left-wing so there is more attention paid to bashing republicans and conservatives but the left has become just as wacko nut-fuck crazy. If any politician even hints at being a moderate they are run off by their own party. The entire political spectrum could use some attenuation.

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I’m actually afraid for the country in this next election.

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Like @chyna, I’m afraid for the country this next election.

America effectively blurred the lines between ENtertainment and POlitics.

Now we’re in the process of blurring the line between En/Po and Religion.

Can Science stop the Religion juggernaut?

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This position is no crazier than trickle-down economics or arguments against global climate change. The difference here is we have one screwball from the Democratic party being ridiculed (rightly) while nearly every member of the Republican party would accept trickle-down economics and reject the scientific evidence for global climate change…

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Please point out problems with any politician. It’s refreshing to see that you can see problems with Democrat politicians. Good eye! Seems like sheeple are blind to spin and lies coming from their party’s politicians.

I have a friend who regularly spouts off propaganda from “Occupy Democrats” and gets very angry and almost hysterical if I questions the accuracy of his information.

I have other friends that believe GOP politicians can do no wrong.

The Presidential election is a year away and I’m SICK of all the slime being generated from the left and right. I don’t trust anyone anymore. Lord have mercy!

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Yes, there are a few Democrats who are little more than court jesters, but the Republicans are the circus, and the circus after that.

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Republicans don’t have a monopoly on crazy.

The difference between the parties is that Democrats don’t make crazy the official party platform.

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Yes indeed. The dems have their share. After all, it isn’t hard to find a conservative democrat. Like their republican counterparts, they never hesitate to tell you “what God wants”

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@stanleybmanly True, but it is considerably less common since those with strong enough religious beliefs to say stuff like that tend towards the party of authoritarian control, militant belligerence, and intolerance. And since there is only one relevant party aside from the Democratic party, well, guess what.

@gondwanalon “I have a friend who regularly spouts off propaganda from “Occupy Democrats” and gets very angry and almost hysterical if I questions the accuracy of his information.”

Even I take Occupy’s claims with a grain of salt. That said, I place far more trust in them than I do in much of what most Republicans say. Democrats have a tendency towards half-truths and carefully spun tales that are mostly-but-not-entirely true. By contrast, “half truths” are about as close to facts as most Republicans ever get. Most “fact check” sites either hammer the Republicans relentlessly (drawing accusations of “Liberal Bias”) or run ads/stories like how Paul Ryan is a Socialist and how we wouldn’t have had so many African-American deaths if black people just obeyed the law. To be sure, they occasionally take a shot at a Democrat, but it’s not often.

By contrast, the mirror-images of those sites are often quite biased. You are correct that many Conservatives believe GOP politicians are infallible. You could catch Donald Trump balls-deep in a toddler in the middle of Times Square and he’d probably still be the Republican front-runner.

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