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Explanation for blackout memory at school?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) November 5th, 2015

Yesterday during math class I went over what was done from the last class and didn’t remember what we had done, even though the work was right there in my handwriting. My teacher briefly mentioned things as well from the last lesson that I didn’t recall learning at all. I was definitely present for that last class as well. I can’t think of any reason why I would forget that. Maybe the amount of stress? This has never happened to me before and I’m very confused.

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Are you getting enough sleep? Sleeping is how the brain records things from short-term memory into long-term memory.

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Ok, Sweetie. Deep breath. Calm yourself.
I was a Teacher for a zillion years.
You are not doing anything horrible. It happens to other students also.
Let’s stop for a moment and let me ask you some questions. Ok? :)
1— Are you getting enough sleep? Any changes in hours or waking up, or sleeplessness? Try bedtime a little earlier. No studying, video games, or upsets before lights out.
2— No headaches or stomaches? If so, have someone take you to the doctor. Just to see if you begin feeling better.
3— Is there a big event coming up? Stress spills over into other areas. Ask yourself how much of it can you, yourself actually control? Then go forth- do the best that you can at that time.
4— In your efforts to learn and do a good job, are you studying too hard- too much? That’s not good for your brains nor your nerves. You have to have some ‘down’ time to relax, go out with friends, work on a hobby, listen to music, create something special.
5— Are you worrying about family or friends? Family problems -from money to illness of a family member can really knock your feet out from under you. Is there a family member or person of trust you can talk about family things with?
6— Are you getting near a deadline for any applications, school changes, graduation, or career-path choices? Calm yourself. You will figure things out by relaxing in quiet and peaceful time for yourself to just think- not fuss.
7— Are you taking hard classes, or a heavy course load? Sometimes, if you are trying to do well in everything, and you are worried about not achieving what you believe you should, makes some so upset that they make themselves sick or unhappy. Being perfect or overachieving is a really hard thing to put your mind, body and happiness through. No one is that perfect. To be well rounded, it is ok to be human and mess up once in awhile. Stop being so hard on yourself!
8— After sitting through changing classes every day, all of them spewing information at you to learn, sometimes your brain takes a ‘vacation’ for a bit. You are hearing- but not listening. And occasionally information overload short-circuits everything. You’ll do better tomorrow.
9— Some teachers seem to forget that you have multiple classes, each teacher believing that their information is the most important. That is really hard to please all of them and keep up on all of the ‘important ’ work they have given. Just do the best that you can. No one could ask for more. Your best is still excellent.
10— Gain perspective. Life needs to have work, sleep, study, relaxation, and some social mixed in together. Balance. Learn to balance. Don’t neglect, balance. It’s difficult, but once you learn how- it is a life-skill that will help you the rest of your life.
11— If you need help or someone to talk to, is there a Guidance or Work Councilor, or perhaps a favorite teacher you could talk to at school? It sometimes helps to talk, and get feedback from someone who has experience in thede school worries you are having.
12— Realize that you are going to be fine. Do the best you can, but don’t think this best effort is too low. It happens to most students. Again, no one is perfect at everything! Ever!
You are fine. You will be alright. Calm. Rest. and I guarantee you will be fine.
Take care, Sweetie. If you need, come back onto this site. There are some pretty terrific people to help or suggest things to think about. Sort through those that help out, and think on them.
I’m here if you need- just let me know. I think you’ll be alright.
Take a step back and calm. Relax. It’s ok. You’re ok too.
Take good care~ ;)

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Don’t let it phase you. But if it happens again and soon, you should seriously look into it.

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You were probably just distracted while you were taking notes. You’ve been at this student thing long enough that note-taking can be done on automatic pilot, to some extent. It’s not a good way to learn, though, as you’ve noticed. Just try to make sure you’re actively engaged while in class.

@msh “Sweetie”? Really?

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Only for the nice ones, Sugar!

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