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How to open multiple tabs using Ctrl + something + number of tabs?

Asked by flo (12974points) November 5th, 2015

Or anything similar, just one step, for someone who is new to the computer who never opened an email account never subscribed to anything etc.
That is not whatI’m referring to.

That is instead of the usual click click click click, one tab at a time, (eg one for Fluther one for Google one for Bing one for a dictionary, etc.) This is just as an alternative in case that + sign in Firefox and the empty grey square box on Explorer on the right top of the screen, aren’t there, not because the click click click is too time consuming.

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I have not heard of a feature to open a tab group at once with a keystroke.

However, if you just want to do that when you start the browser there are ways to open up a group of sites ‘on startup’.
Most browsers have (settings / general / ‘Home page’ in Internet Explorer ; settings / ‘on startup’ in Chrome).
No even a single keystroke necessary.

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When I don’t see that bar, I just hit F11 to take it out of “Fullscreen” mode to make my bookmarks bar come back. IE, Firefox, Chrome, and many graphics and media player programs are the same way; F11 is a near-universal “Toggle full-screen mode” command.

As for opening multiple tabs in one smooth move, I have many bookmarks arranged in folders, and each bookmark folder in Firefox has an option “Open all in tabs” at the bottom. I rarely use that feature myself since some of my folders would open 20–50 tabs, but I can if I want to (or if my mouse hand slips).

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If you let your hand go all over the keyboard, (not including the the set with Insert, Screenshot or End etc.) making sure every key is pressed I guess, from left to right, there it is many New Tabs, New Tabs, New Tabs, which is what a person teaching someone who just learned how to use the mouse, is interested in.

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That opens a new tab in Firefox; I believe it’s the same in Chrome and IE as well.

Also, holding Ctrl when you click a link opens that link in a new tab so that you don’t have to mess around to get back to where you were. I use Ctrl a lot myself for just that reason; some of the things I do lead me down the rabbit hole so far that I forget where I started from. Having that starting point still open in another tab is handy for those that get lost. If nothing else, it gives peace of mind to know that no matter how far you stray, you can return to exactly where you were with a single click.

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@jerv Ctrl-T gives one New Tab. You answered the OP partly. Thanks. The OP is asking about many New Tabs at once. I don’t see the answer in the 5 line paragraph.

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@jerv gave a great answer way up there second from the top, second part:
“bookmarks arranged in folders”

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There is no keystroke for opening up multiple blank new tabs; for that, you just hit Ctrl-T repeatedly. Opening multiple bookmarks each in their own new tabs is a different matter, but it also is not possible with a keyboard shortcut. There are only four keyboard commands that involve bookmarks; “Bookmark this tab”, “Bookmark all open tabs”, “Open Bookmark sidebar”, and “Open Bookmark Library”. There is no way to navigate through bookmarks without the mouse, nor is there a way to set such a hotkey yourself.

The closest you can get is to hold Ctrl while (left) clicking a folder full of bookmarks; that does the same thing as right-clicking a folder full of bookmarks, and selecting “Open all in tabs”. If the Bookmark menu is not at the top of the screen, pressing Ctrl-B will pop a sidebar with your bookmarks and you can go from there. That still requires that you have your bookmarks arranged in folders, but if you only have a small handful of bookmarks, the entire contents of the bookmark toolbar is considered one folder.

I know that you wanted something that required no using the mouse, but if such a command exists, it’s not in the official documentation, and I haven’t stumbled across it by accident.

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Actually, there is one “kinda sorta” workaround that just popped into my head.

Alt-Home will open up your homepage…. or homepages (plural). In other words, there is a way to open a group of pages each in their own tabs with one keystroke, but that entire group of tabs will also open up every time you start your browser.

If you don’t mind that, then opening all the tabs you want, going into Options—>General telling Firefox “Use current pages” to set those tabs as your Home page.

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@dabbler ”...there are ways to open up a group of sites ‘on startup’.”
This OP is for someone who’s never been on a computer before. It’s not for someone who’s been on a certain site and has bookmarked sites. And does that produce New Tab
New Tab, New Tab, New Tab, New Tab…. in a row.

@jerv. “There is no way to navigate through bookmarks without the mouse”
I don’t have a problem with involving the mouse, and re. Bookmarks ”...then opening all the tabs you want” It’s not the tabs, it’s just a row of “New Tab“s. i.e fresh start.

In my detail I mentioned Fluther and Google, etc. but that is just in order to go to where it says New Tab and replace it with Fluther and Google, etc. I didn’t mention that.

@dabbler and @jerv Have you tried what I have in my 1st post? That act produced 5 or 6 New Tab? It doesn’t happen every time though.

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@flo I’ve tried and got nothing like that.

I can swap tabs with Ctrl-[1–8], add tabs with Ctrl-T, close them with Ctrl-W, and that’s about the closest I can get.

It would appear that your system behaves differently from mine.

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