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What should I write about?

Asked by Seek (34769points) November 5th, 2015

I love the idea of National Novel-Writing month, and since I’ve had writer’s block for oh, ten years, I thought I’d give it a bash. I have no intention of publishing whatever I write, I just need the practice. Get the brain jump-started.

I really really hate the story I’m working on, and I’m scrapping it.

So, let’s start over. Fresh. Just for fun, would you like to help give me a writing prompt?

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Write about what gives you joy, your son.

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What genre do you like? Do you want to write about something purely fun or about a more serious topic?

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What about a semi-autobiographical fiction piece? Put your family in another time or planet (or both).

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Ian is thrust in a quest to find the lost Glimp of Zzygizia. When he traverses the Blortach Gorge wearing a heavy turgalik, me must choose between a path that takes him through the treacherous Galampurous Slough or being lost in the meandering rivulets of the shores of the Settlimentog Sea.

Evil Lord Hovegnithal is also searching for the Glimp, and it is a race to see who will reach the prize first and control the power of the Ligimolii.

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Trite but true: write what you know.

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Ian slips through a wormhole to ancient Ireland, or you do…

Or to medieval Ireland…

Or just to a pub in Dublin…

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A CASA volunteer finds herself on the verge of homelessness when her husband leaves her to join the cast of a reality TV show.

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Star Trek fan fic about how Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock mind alter JJ so he makes a good Star Trek movie.

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@Hawaii_Jake While driving in the Mohave 2 months ago I’m pretty certain I saw the lost Glimp of Zzygizia hiding in Zzyzx Calif. It was not far from the world’s largest thermometer in Baker.

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Great Scott! A sighting!

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It seems to me that some of the requests for advice posted here over the years would make great story starters.

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A road trip across any state(s) of your choosing, featuring two people who don’t like each other much. Maybe they’re distantly related, or connected by a recent marriage. Must involve laughter, tears, suspected alien involvement, and stranger sex.

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Female protagonist enters classy urban tapas restaurant anxious. Swirls of color, people and the scent of chorizo and shellfish paella dance through the scene. Told in first person. She is meeting a man in person for the first time after knowing him for a while via the internet. He seems like an awesome guy, but her gut keeps telling her there’s something not right. It’s nagging at her and she’s not sure if she should trust herself or if her gut’s just being paranoid trying to sabotage her good time.

Possible twist: female protagonist is an unreliable narrator and she is creating problems where they don’t exist. Female protagonist gaslights the reader the whole story. We’re worried about the guy at dinner when really he should be worried about her. All of her actions seem to be justified when really they’re not.

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I don’t care what topic you use, just don’t start with, “It was a dark, stormy night…”.

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A strong, yet emotionally fragile young mother who meets a handsome englishman off of the interwebz & so begins their journey. A friendship that lasts, ooh…more than a week but less than a year, based entirely on a whim.

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Personally, I’d appreciate one of the characters being molded after your MIL.

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