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Will you help me find a way to reward seven-year-olds?

Asked by longgone (17090points) November 7th, 2015

I teach a class at a local school. The kids are learning how to behave around dogs, how to take care of them, and what signals to look out for.

This specific class is on clickertraining, i.e., the method of using a “click” to tell the dog he is on the right track. The click is followed by a treat of some kind.

I’d like to present this concept by having the kids be dogs and asking them to, for example, describe the safe way to approach an unfamiliar dog. A fellow student would be responsible for listening to the answer and clicking for correct responses.

Trouble is – what do I use as treats? Any ideas? I’ll use sweets if I can’t find any alternatives, but I’m leaning toward something less unhealthy…vouchers for something or other, maybe.

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Stickers and when you get certain number, you get to pick a prize which could be candy or small toys like magnetic dogs, hacky sacks, jump ropes, etc. (if they still have those) or sticker books.

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I love the idea of picking prizes – I have fond memories of that kind of thing. Thanks!

EDIT: How did I not think of that? I wonder whether I am equipped to teach anyone.

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Stick with me, Luke Skywalker, and I will teach thee all I know.

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I went to a dentist when I was a kid that had a treasure chest full of small toys. Match box cars, etc. And after each appointment, as a reward, we would get to pick out one toy. I loved that idea.

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I just unearthed about forty small prizes (sticker albums, postcards, key chains, rubber dogs, dog tags, ‘valuable’ stones, foreign currency, comic books) just by briefly looking through my old keepsakes.

Thanks! I love Fluther.

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Once you run out of those, there’s a ton of inexpensive items at any Dollar Store near you.

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^ Good point!

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