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Can you recommend a low/no cost email service provider?

Asked by Modern_Classic (583points) July 17th, 2007

I have about 5k email addresses I want to contact with some regularity. Does anyone know of a simple inexpensive or free way to do this. Especially if it involves gmail. Thanks.

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With gmail, you can manage all your other using gmails mail forwarding system. Just go to gmail>settings>accounts< "Add another email address" and just follow the instructions form there on

well this article basically sums up how to use gmail as your universal email

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Thanks for the reference. I'll see what it says, but I'm not looking for multiple email accounts, I just want to send beaucoup messages from one account.

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you're looking for a mass email platform - and are two services I've used that are both pretty impressive and are fairly inexpensive.

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I would recommend VerticalResponse. They are significantly less expensive than MailChimp. You can create an account for free and try it out.

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