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What is the best city to visit in U.S.A?

Asked by pathfinder (1079points) July 23rd, 2008

I would like to visit America in future and question for me is witch city is best to see.I know that are lots of nice cityes to visit.May focus on America is wide.I mean in America are diffrent places to see like some where are forestes,waterfalles,lakes,sea,cityes full of fun and buildinges to see.I like to visit L.A or some city near by bike parkes.

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Personally, I want to go to San Francisco…...and to Austin (again). I’d also like to visit New York and Las Vegas…...I’m hoping to take a long trip westwards one day :)

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Chicago, Berkeley, Boston, St. Louis, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Tahoe, Albuquerque, NYC, and Portland.

If you’re looking for parks try: Yellowstone, Zion, Joshua Tree, Mesa Verde… Basically anywhere you can walk.

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I agree, Witch City is a good one if you can handle the Wiccans.

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San Francisco (of course I am biased), Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC

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NYC, San Francisco, Boston, the U.S. has wonderful places to visit :)

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San Francisco, New Orleans, San Diego

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I think you should go to hell.

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San Francisco!

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We do not compare with Europe in term of buildings, architecture and history. For awe-inspiring scenery, it is hard to beat the Western U.S.

Try to see the Grand Canyon, then go to California and see the Redwoods in Northern California or in Marin near San Francisco (which is a wonderful city to visit).

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Seattle. Great place to visit; wouldn’t want to live there. Brrr! Well, maybe.

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don’t go to boston if you have only one city to visit. you’ll never forgive yourself if you waste your one american city on boston. i personally say san francisco or new york.

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For the features you list (forests, waterfalls, lakes, sea, fun, buildings, biking) I think San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland (if you drive out to the Oregon coast) are the best matches.

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If you’re looking for history and such, you should try Washington DC.

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Asheville NC and Chattanooga TN are two really cool small cities you should visit in the SE. There are mountains, parks, fun bars, lots of young people, historical places, and easy to get around.

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Having travelled extensively in the US and many other places in the world, I would suggest that almost anywhere in the world would be more interesting, uplifting, and fulfilling than anywhere in the US. So I’d recommend anywhere else, particularily outside of North America.

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Oh Mav! Hee hee I feel like I’m in Top Gun America is a beautiful country. I don’t even have to leave my state to see many of the beautiful climates the earth has to offer. Add Hawaii, and I’ve seen all but one.

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NYC and Boston are my personal favorites that I’ve been to.

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Thanks for recommending.Ashvile Nc and Chattanooga TN or San Francisco seems to me as a good destination for visit.

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