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Why don't I get nightmares anymore?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) November 8th, 2015

I don’t get deep sleep either. I do daydream when I sleep/nap at noon. Also I hear YouTube music when I am resting.

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Do you still remember your more pleasant night dreams? If no, it could be that you continue to have nightmares, but that you forget them along with everything else.

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Have you changed your meds?

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@Dutchess_III No, but doctor is considering lowering the anxiety medication to zero, because I am doing well.

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Well, maybe that’s the’re doing well. If he takes you off of them and the nightmares return, that’s your answer.

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Emotionally, the doctor seems to think you’re doing better, and you’re making an attempt to eat better.

Either one or the combination of the two could stop the nightmares.
Just keep doing what you’re doing – it’s working.

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@all I am having night dreams again… the nightmares have stopped.

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Anything juicy you care to share, @RedDeerGuy1?


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