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Will Obamacare still be called that long after he is out of office?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) November 8th, 2015

(Just a muse, nothing truly important about it)

Once President Obama is out of office will Obamacare keep its name because he was the one who backed it and signed it into law, similar to the Brady Bill (seeing that is the name that stuck to that gun legislation)?

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My bet is that it will probably stick, particularly with those derisively inclined toward its existence. For the mainstream it’s less of a mouthful than affordable care act, though ACA will probably overtake Obamacare in the long run.

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I snicker every time I read or hear Affordable Care Act. There’s nothing affordable about our healthcare in this country.

It needs a new name.

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The Insurance and pharmaceutical corporation enrichment act

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I prefer to call it “Heritagecare”, since it’s basically the same thing that the conservative Heritage Foundation had been pushing since the administration of Bush I*.

(*Well were pushing, that is, until the other side got behind it.)

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Sadly, yes.

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I still hear talk of Reaganomics, so I think the term “Obamacare” will outlive Obama’s presidency.

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It may morph into “fugginobamacare” after he’s gone.

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