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What are some jobs or careers where you can be creative?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 9th, 2015

Also social. Like a kindergarten teacher.

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Bringing creativity to any job can make a difference.
What type of creativity? List skills and interests and find match for technical job listings using that criteria.
Creative jobs; look on line for job projections for the next five/ ten years.
(Remember, cutting edge computer skills are seemingly out of date by the time they get quoted.)
Then find job description bank. (Check to see when published!)
Research needed training/ higher education for field.
Research how companies you’re interested in, and how they tend to hire their workers.
Work on building project portfolio of work completed, past products, a proposal of work or desired project/outcome.

Specific job titles- if unable to find information, go to reference section of library. They are magic with researching and inspiration.

If this didn’t answer your question or intent, my apologies.

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Website design is creative and if you are doing it for someone, you will have to consult with them to make sure it’s right

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