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Which vacation sounds the best to you?

Asked by msh (4262points) November 10th, 2015 from iPhone

You won a contest. Your prize is a vacation getaway to your choice of:
A• the mountains
B• the ocean
C• a larger city
D• a cruise down a river with various stops along the way
E• an animal sanctuary to work/help
F• a spa
G• a learning workshop about an interest of yours
H• bed and breakfast in a small town

Which would you choose? This isn’t a family decision- it’s ‘All About You’. Your responsibilities at home will be taken care of until your return.
Why in the world did you pick that one?

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I’m all about health, wellness, and peace lately, so out of everything you listed, making an actual choice would be pretty difficult. Can’t I just go somewhere that has BDEFG and H?

In the moment, I’ll pick F, but only because I’ve been in quite a bit of pain lately, so anything that can help me get rid of it would be very welcome right now.

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It would be a lovely combination of being waited on, having quiet time alone, and still being able to interact with new people in my own terms. Also antique shopping.

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I live in a small town in the mountains, so A and H have no appeal. You don’t list Disneyland, so I will take a cruise. D. Final answer.

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G, because it’s something I have the least chance to experience under normal circumstances. I already have ocean and mountain in my place, and I live in a city. A cruise down the river and the spa don’t sound very appealing. And I don’t think I have enough experience to do E (I like animals though).

G is a rare chance to learn something good too.

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G. I have two groups of friends to travel with, as well as family, so I usually squeeze in three vacations. That’s great, but there really is no traveling money left over after all that. I’ve been wanting to attend workshops with dog trainers for years, and I’d also love a workshop on education!

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A vacation to me is a time of complete and utter relaxation, disconnecting as much as possible from my day to day life. So for me A or B, as long as the ocean was warm and sunny.

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A – I will always choose a trip to the mountains before anything else if it’s an option.

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D. River cruise.
It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s really expensive.

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E would be my dream.

I can do everything but D & H where I live. Rivers usually equal mosquitos, so hell no. And B&B’s are overrated.

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Definitely the mountains. Being up there reminds a person what is beautiful in this world. It’s very cleansing to be away from the rigor of humans.. away from factories pumping out smoke, cars blasting increasingly annoying music, paperwork…

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Look at my name and take a SWAG. :)

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Or AB would be great.
A return to Hawaii.

I keep thinking of the Corrupt a Wish question and hoping I’m not opting in for a cruise of the river Styx.

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G. A learning workshop in France
To retrace my ancestors trail.

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..and alone. Doing just this on my long weekend. Nothing resets me better than complete solitude away from everyone and everything. “Vacation” for most of my life has been going where everyone else seems to want to go… the beach which I find boring. Since this is special and a prize I’d choose the alps because I have never been there.

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E!!! But do I get to actually interact with the animals? I want to be able to touch them. :)

One of my dreams is to visit a “big cat sanctuary,” sign some sort of death by mauling waiver, and actually get to sink my hands into their fur and hold them.

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As long as you remain sober, leave dad home, and you don’t look like a toy, @WillWorkForChocolate.

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I’m good with that.

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