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Does anyone else think B.O. and onions smell oddly similar?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) July 23rd, 2008
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Yes. Sometimes I describe my armpits as smelling like a sandwich.

Then I shower, because smelling like food is rarely acceptable around people.

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not at all. I love the smell of onions. I do not love the smell of B.O.

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Yes I think they do and I think our body odors change according to what we eat!

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My body odor smells exquisite. Onions make me cry.

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It’s the sulfur.

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Could you explain that, Taco?

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When cut, onions release a mix of compounds, including a gas that, when it comes into contact with the moisture in your eyes, converts to (a mild) sulfuric acid.

Sweat can also contain a mix of these same compounds, although not nearly as strong (typically) as onions.

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I didn’t before, but now I have another reason to hate onions even more.

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My armpits smell like turnip greens.

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