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Do you think Catalonia will be successful in making a break from Spain?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 10th, 2015

Catalonia’s regional assembly on Monday passed a resolution calling for secession from Spain, energizing a drive towards independence and deepening a standoff with central government in Madrid.

Do you think it’s possible for a Western nation to divide into two separate and independent countries peacefully?

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If they are both part of the EU, it’s a lot easier than Scotland leaving the U.K. And not as bloody as Croatia or Bosnia breaking from Yugoslavia.

Next will be the Basques.

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Without knowing that much about it, I look at it another way. If the Basques have not succeeded yet, I doubt the Catalans will.

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Edit – “Catalonians”; “Catalan” is the language

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Doubtful. It’s going to end up like Scotland did – lots of hotting and hollering, but it won’t ever happen.

Spain can do with Catalonia. Catalonia cannot survive without Spain,

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Interesting point about the EU cushioning the split, @zenvelo. But isn’t it even more likely the EU broker a deal to keep them together? If for no other reason that to keep Catalonia from setting a precedent?

But are the Basques in both Spain and France, @janbb, further complicating things?

I tend to agree about a Scottish outcome, @elbanditoroso, but why do you say that Catalonia cannot survive without Spain? There was talk of setting a separate government and separating the tax systems before the split. Catalonia looks to hold a lot of the wealth in Spain.

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@ibstubro – Catalonia doesn’t have the wide economic base for a sustainable economy. So they’ll either have to do a lot of foreign trade (with Spain or elsewhere) or they will have to raise taxes, or they will go bankrupt.

Thing of Catalonia as Greece (in terms of economics) but speaking a different language.

The economy is not big enough to support a country.

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