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Can you believe that Sony abruptly stopped shipments of tapes for its popular Betamax system this week?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 10th, 2015

Whatever will we do?

Seems like it was only yesterday (2002 to be precise) that Sony was still making the recorders.

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I’ve talked to four people since i heard this on the news – we all thought that Sony had stopped making Betamax cassettes 15 years ago.

Does this mean that VHS finally won the video wars?

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I haven’t seen those cassettes in any store for years,and they just stopped making them??
Guess you could only get them on line,huh??

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HA! I saw a Bed and Breakfast in Stinson Beach CA with a sign advertising HBO VCR DSL.

I thought the last Betamax tape would have been sold 20 years ago.

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I’m not surprised to learn about Betamax’s longevity. VHS recorders caught on among consumers, but television professionals, especially news and sports directors and producers, preferred Betamax. Betamax lived on, in TV studios, long after the product had disappeared from homes.

Where did I learn this bit of trivia? My best friend was a television producer for 30 years. During the era when VHS reigned supreme, Betamax was considered to be the superior choice. Her various TV stations and studios always had Betamax tapes and equipment.

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Time and Tech march on.

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No, just that Beta has officially lost the video war @elbanditoroso. I suppose someone somewhere is still cranking out VHS tapes.

I don’t think the tapes were in stores, @SQUEEKY2. Maybe available on-line? eBay seems to do a decent bit of business with the tapes.

They must have gotten DSL really early, @zenvelo.

I didn’t know that, @Love_my_doggie. Proof again that the best guy doesn’t always win.

Si it does, @Pachy, so it does.

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