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What would the best lighting and setting be for filming videos?

Asked by Obscurethinktank (135points) November 10th, 2015

I make videos for YouTube and I’ve been really self concious lately about my lighting and setting. I use to just have the light in my room, then when I moved I started using a lamp but that didn’t seem to be good enough. So now I use a shop light along with my lamp and room light and it seems to work okay, but I want your opinion on what lighting techniques I should use. Now on to setting. I use to stand in front of a map of the world but I got fed up with it so I moved it and now I stand in front of an egg shell colored wall but I don’t know what the best filming area would look like. I need advice

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The best lighting and set decoration are… whatever is appropriate to the presentation. But you already knew that, right?

So it’s really up to you to decide if you want “the same lighting and set decoration every time” – which is certainly possible; it’s how television news and TED talks achieve the consistent presence that they strive for.

But you shouldn’t be bound by choices that don’t work for your specific presentations, or when your tastes change. (Even television news programs often spend huge amounts to redo their logs, their lighting, even their very locations of their sets, when they think the previous set design has outlived its usefulness.)

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